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Looking for videographer

Hello everyone, Initially we were not going to get one, but now with our wedding rapidly approaching we have changed our minds. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced videographer in north jersey? Most places start there packages at 3k which seems kind of pricey for what we're looking for. Please help!

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  • We used Live Picture Studios. They are a movie production company that branched into weddings and their samples are amazing. They start at $1500 which is what we planned on spending, but then we couldn't resist going with an upgraded package!
  • @letoy83 that is the basic package. They had them up to like $7K or something. We ended up paying $2800, more than I wanted to but I know it will be worth it!!
  • We are using John Jae Videography and paying 1500.  Easy to work with and it was something we wanted but not one of the things we wanted to blow the bank on :) Good luck!
  • you should check out Elssol Production..
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    @Jenmong - Most of your posts are recommending this same company.  Seems fishy.  Do you work for them?

    ETA - In one post a couple months ago you mention you're spending (not spent) 1400 on a videographer.  In another from awhile ago, you said "your wedding last year".  Did your wedding happen already or not or are you just getting your stories mixed up?  Also funny that other vendors you recommend are the same ones Elssol recommends and you don't seem to contribute much else other than these one line recommendations.

    @KnotPorscha - Pretty sure we have a vendor on our hands.
  • Thank you, everyone, for your recommendations. We are scheduled to meet with Live Picture Studios tonight.
  • I recently booked 3 of my vendors and did quite a bit of research for all of them.  The only vendor I had bookmarked for over a year (so yes, before I was engaged lol) was Dmart Films.  I found them by accident and loved their style.  They are documentary filmmakers which brings a unique style that I just love. I know that a lot of photographers do something similar but in my opinion their videos are still a little different and they were under 3K.  I thought I wouldn't be able to meet with them bc they are located near Atlantic City and I am in Bergen County but they are able to do it.  We are just paying a little extra for them to stay over the night before.  Anyway, this is the vendor I am most excited about! Check them out through their website or vimeo.  That's where i follow their videos.
  • I am using well spun out of ny. they do fantastic work which is more of a storyboard. i love their style and reasonable cost for video work.

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