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Hi Everyone!
So I am new here because I just got engaged this past weekend!!!
I am pulling together a list of questions to ask the venues when we go for our tour this week and next week.  This way I can make sure all my questions are answered and it will make our narrowing down easier.  So I was hoping that you could give me feedback what you found interesting to ask or things you wanted to ask but forgot?

thank you so very much

Re: Questions for Venues

  • Congratulations!!!  Best of luck to you both!!

    I was just thinking of doing the same thing.  I got engaged 2 weeks ago and I'm starting to look for venues to make appointments with. :)

  • I have pulled together a pretty good list also of questions for my recently engaged and married friends on things to look for that you don't normally think of. We have a few places to look at this week. But I want to find a nice place in Union or Morris County that can hold a large amount at a good price so I hit the ground running
  • That's great! I'm in Union County too.  Looking for a venue and just trying to stay in the Northern NJ area. :)  When are you looking to get married?

    I think we have narrowed down our search to the top 5 right now. I'm going to call and make appointments for the top 3 first...  I honestly don't want to be overwhelmed.  If the top 3 don't pan out for some reason.. I will keep going down the list. :)

  • Ask if things like table linens and napkins are included.  (Some places charge for every little thing)

    Do your vendors need to show proof of insurance?  (my venue didn't require this but some do)

    Find out minimums/maximums  (don't want to book and then get screwed)

    Is cake included in the costs?  If you're getting married there what are the fees?

    Do they have a bridal suite where you can get ready? (if you're interested)

    Is open bar included?  Is it top shelf?  (ask what top shelf is to them)

    That's all I can think of for right now...

    Good luck!
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  • @danielle60314 I just saw on a post that you are living in Union....that is where I live.  

    I am hoping to get married in Fall 2015 so more Oct-Nov time frame.  I plan on getting married in church so I am hoping to get my venue done first so I can give the church the year they request.  

    I was a bit overwhelmed all weekend but now I am ready to go.  I have a good chuck of my guest list done and already am gathering names for vendors by reading the reviews and posts.
  • @futureMrsN3312 thank you for those questions I had a few of them but not the one about the insurance.  That was a great one to add
  • @Jeannine12 - Morris County - check out the Knoll Countr Club in Boonton. We just got married there (a month ago today!) and it was amazing. We were in the east building. We guaranteed 150 but they hold up to 250.
  • @majesty318  one of my college roommates got married there and we had a great time.  It is on my list of places to look at also.  I remember the grounds being very nice
  • @Jeannine12...  Wow! Small World!!!  That's awesome!!  I'm fairly new to NJ though. I just moved to NJ in April.  I'm originally from NY.  These boards and the people on here are super nice.  They give a lot of great information. I read them all the time!! :)

    @majesty318.. I hear great things about Knoll CC too. Its on our list of places to go see too. :)  I have a few lined up for next week. So excited!!!

  • FutureMrsN3312  Thanks for the suggestions....  I am totally writing these down!!!  AWESOME!! :)  I wouldn't have thought about the insurance question either.. :)
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