Wedding Dress Shopping in Philly and Suburbs....Any Suggestions?

I need suggestions on shops to visit for Wedding Dress Shopping. Does anyone have any suggestions? Good Places? Places to stay away from? You're experiences....Thanks! 
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Re: Wedding Dress Shopping in Philly and Suburbs....Any Suggestions?

  • I really liked Bijou Bridal in Ardmore (in Suburban Square).
  • I saw someone else mention on the boards about Bijou Bridal. I will add them to my list. Did they have reasonable priced gowns?
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  • Yes, most of their dresses are under $3000 and over $1000. So relatively reasonable, much more reasonable than Elizabeth John's (which is right down the street). They had a very limited selection under $3500.
  • I would stay away from Bridaltown.
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  • yes, stay away from Bridaltown. I had the absolute worst expeience there.
  • Check out the bridal chic boutique in Newark DE....VERY affordable, but not a huge selection.  Absolutely worth checking out though, their pricing in amazing.
  • I love Lizelle's in Havertown, Delaware county! They are so down to earth and helpful, not to mention the beautiful gowns!
  • Sabrina Ann in Ardmore is a good one to put on the list! They're really sweet and welcoming, and offer once-worn, never-worn and sample gowns for much less than you'd pay brand new, but they're all cleaned and LOOK new! You may find a gem- that's where I got my dress and I LOVED it! Oh, and I had found it somewhere else earlier that day for almost twice the price. Can't beat it :) 
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    Bijou was wonderful! Van Cleave was pretty good. I wasn't crazy about Elizabeth Johns, TBH.
  • I had a really great experience at Country Bride and Gent in North Wales.  Their dresses are placed on the hanger in order of price so it is really great to not go over budget.  I would have never picked out my dress on my own (not what I was looking for) and the bridal consultant just knew what would be best for me.  A++
  • Check out Sposabella in feasterville
  • I bought my dress from L & H Bridal. I did go to Yes to the Dress but I absolutely hated them
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    Got mine at Country Bride and Gent - great experience!
  • I had a great experience at Lovely Bride, where I bought my dress. I hated Bijou, and had a slightly disappointing experience at Nordstrom Bridal. It really depends on what sort of dress you're looking for though. 
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    I also went to Lizelle's in Havertown and had a great experience - very easygoing, and the woman I worked with was great about really listening to me and not being at all pushy. She worked well with my budget - really, overall, a wonderful afternoon with my mom and sister. (Prices between $1k-$2.5k from what I gathered, though I was looking on the lower end of that spectrum.)

    I've also heard great things about Sabrina Anne, although I haven't personally been there. If you're on a serious budget, though, it's probably worth a real look.
  • Another vote for L & H Bridal - they were super nice and very supportive! I bought my dress there.
  • Sposabella was great. They also sell their sample dresses too! Very good customer service. Ordered a dress for me that I was in love with just so I could try it on!
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