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Inexpensive vintage looking bridesmaids dresses?

Hey everyone, I am just looking for inexpensive bridesmaids dresses that are vintage looking. I am having a Jan wedding and have looked on Modcloth and Ruche but am afraid that by the time the wedding rolls around they wont be left in stock for my maids to buy. I want dresses that look sort of Edwardian-1920's ( maybe lace) and very ethereal but don't want them to look like costumes. My theme is more art nouveau then Art Deco so I dont know if I want flapper dresses. Let me know if anyone knows of anything.

Re: Inexpensive vintage looking bridesmaids dresses?

  • Definitely keep checking Modcloth!  They have cute stuff in stock all the time.  If you can get all your girls on the same page in enough time, you can have them order them together?

    And check out BHLDN, which is Anthropologie's wedding line.

    I LOVE art nouveau!  I hope you can find something that works for you :)

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