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Bad tan lines and getting married in a week and a!!

So I have a bad farmers tan from a few weeks back and I am getting married on June 28th.  I got a tanning package about a week ago and have gone 5 times.  But, my tan lines are still noticeable!  I am nervous I will still have the bad tan lines for my wedding.  Any suggestions on how to even out my look is greatly appreciated!!

Re: Bad tan lines and getting married in a week and a!!

  • Maybe your best bet would be to have an actual person in the tanning salon spray tan you. A lot of salons do it so call and ask. They may be able to even you out a bit more. I would do it within the next day or so to make sure you like the way it looks.
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  • I would recommend a spray tan and have them just focus on the areas that are pale. But try to get referrals for a good sprayer from people in your area. You should do it at least two days prior to your wedding and make sure to exfoliate good before going. The reason you should go 2-3 days prior to your wedding is that the day before your wedding you will more then likely be running around taking care of last minute things & your rehersal dinner. If you start sweating, the color will run & you'll look worse. I recommend doing it 2-3 days before in the evening where you can go home (in loose fitting clothes (and don't wear a bra if you have a strapless dress) and relax.
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    Did I reach you in time??? I would avoid a spray tan --- it might come out unevenly. 

    I think your best bet is to do airbrush makeup. Is it too late to look into it?
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