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First Dance Song Help!

Hi everyone,

My fiance and I don't have a song.  It's ridiculous when I think about it - I'm a musician on the side, and he loves music as well.  I love many different styles of music, but I can't find the right song for us.  We went to the same college, but our friend groups ran in parallel.  I was the vice president of an honor society and accepted his application, and he skipped his induction ceremony.  So many times we should have met, but it just didn't happen.  Eventually his best female friend started dating the roommate of my close male friend, and about two years later they fixed up my fiance and me.

Do you know of any songs that could fit?  Thanks in advance!

Re: First Dance Song Help!

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    Congrats! So, you and your fiance could simply pick a song you both like ... and you will always have a great story to tell people. but for a theme song - how about Someone Like You by Van Morrison There is a movie called Serendipity, and this song is on the soundtrack Shawn Colvin When You Know And this song is Meant To Be Together by Emily Cowan Or maybe a standard like At Last, or It Had To Be You. I like the Harry Connick Jr version Just so you both like the song - you'll be great!
  • Thanks for the suggestions!  I'll check them out tonight after work. :-)
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    an easy solution too is to create different Pandora stations based on an artist or song and see what kind of stuff the station brings up. It'll happen all the time, I'll be making dinner or something with my FI with our cheesy "80's radio" station playing and a song comes on that we're both like: OMG I love this sonnggggggg like a couple of girls and then we throw it on our wedding playlist. 
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  • "Just Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble?
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