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Questions about the Bridalicious Boot Camp DVDs

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I am looking for real and honest reviews of the Bridalicious Boot camp DVDs, please. I was really excited and interested in purchasing the DVDs until I noticed a duplicated review on the "Before & After" page of the website. I just want to make sure it will be worth my money to purchase them before I actually do so. Any truthful information will greatly appreciated! No spam please.

Thank you!!

Re: Questions about the Bridalicious Boot Camp DVDs

  • I have been using them and really like them! They are a little cheesy and pink... lol... and a tad repetitive...but they are hard - I am a P90X fan but wanted something different. I add on extra cardio since they are only ~30 minutes long. I would say worth it! I have had success! Down 1 dress size and feeling ready (mostly!)!
  • how long did it take you dto drop a dress size and how much did you have to change your diet?
  • I eat healthy to begin with so that didn't change... it's taken about 3 months - so not too shabby! For me it helped add some focus to the "bridal" concerns. But I do add extra cardio - running, biking, swimming. 
  • Thank you! I already do T25, and was looking to add something extra also to deal with the bridal concerns as you said.
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