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Photographer Problems

I went and booked someone I know to take my pictures. I thought she had given us a good deal free engagements pictures for being at the wedding all day. But when I set up our sessions for engagements pictures the morning of pictures my FI & I were all ready just waiting to hear from her I get a message from her a half hour late saying she couldn't make it because her boyfriend went to the hospital. I said oh that's fine, we would just reschedule. Which we did then I get another message she couldn't make it. I started to get discouraged but I wanted to stay hopeful.

So we rescheduled again, got another message saying her camera wasn't working and that she sent it to the camera shop to be worked on. She told me that it would only take a couple days. So I told her just to keep me informed. Never heard from her until I talked to her in May. When we originally wanted to take engagements pictures was back in September. We finally got our pictures done but our session was 10 minutes long. Still haven't seen my engagement pictures.

She's 8 1/2 months pregnant and I'm worried that she won't show up. My family has been telling me that I should just get another photographer. We paid half down but our "contract" was that she just wrote that she that half was paid for contracted services and the last half will be paid when the pictures are dropped off. I know that I should get another photographer because she's been flaky. I just don't want to be rude but I'm unhappy with her services. I don't know what to do. If I would to not need her services anymore would that mean that we would forfeit our half down. Or would I say I want our money back. I need some help.

Re: Photographer Problems

  • Fire her.

    Firing a vendor for poor service is not being rude, it is business.
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  • You tell her that she has not followed through wight eh contract and you want your deposit back and to be released front he contract. She is extremely unprofessional - tot he point that I sincerely hope that the deposit is a small amount of money and you wouldn't be out much if you had to walk away from it. She is unreliable and I would be very concerned about letting her shoot my wedding. You are not mean or rude, she is unprofessional and hasn't provided proper service.
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  • Find a professional photographer.  Get your deposit back, this person is not a professional.

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