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Someone stopped me the other day. She is not invited to the wedding and I was not talking about the wedding. She proceeds to talk about my wedding and as I try to bean dip her she decides to tell me that I should hire a sitter or two for everyone's children so they will be watched. I told her that I believed the parents would take care of their children. She said "but you know they wont".

Is it really unrealistic of me to expect people to watch their own damn children? It is a wedding for fucks sake. I think that people understand that they should keep an eye on their children and make sure they behave reasonably. Kids will be kids, and I do not expect them to act like adults. As long as the screaming is kept to a minimum and they don't break anything, I am cool.

I wanted to tell this lady off. Not only do I think parents can handle their own kids (they handled making them enough), but it was none of this lady's business. She was my aunts ex-husbands gf. We are so close with him, that he didn't know who I was. He called me by another cousins name when he saw me. Yeah.... Like they are invited.

Rant over.

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    Sadly, many parents DON'T watch their children, so I get what she's saying.  Go to a grocery store for evidence of this. But you do not need to provide childcare at your wedding. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    First, what the hell is wrong with that lady?  She needs to mind her own damn business.

    Second, yes, most parents will watch their kids and make sure they behave.  There are some parents that won't but I doubt having a sitter in attendance will really help all that much.  I assume that if the parents suck at being parents then that means their kids do not know how to behave so they will just be terrors for the babysitter thus causing the babysitter to have to get the parents involved and still resulting in a possibly disruption/distraction at your wedding.

    Look you know your guests best.  If you know the parents and you know the kids and you know how they are then there isn't anything to really worry about.

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    Our guests are mostly family, so I have seen how they parent their children. While I may not agree with their parenting style, they generally make sure their children behave in public and at holidays. I was just so irritated that this lady thought she had to tell me all about it. I felt ambushed partly because I couldn't make an excuse to walk away from her.
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    Any wedding I went to we got the whole "You better behave or you will sit in the car for the rest of the night" speech. 
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    Yes, parents should watch their kids and most do. I can tell you though from years as a children's entertainer, there is often that one crazy family member (who sort of has to be invited) with the undisciplined kid. I have seen bad kids ruin another kid's birthday while their parents look on and just laugh. The parents are worse than the child for letting this happen. 
    Usually you or your fiance will already know if you happen to have a guest with kids like this. Sounds like you don't. I have a crazy cousin with spoiled kids but I managed not to invite her :) 
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