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Table numbers

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I'm trying to wrap up the escort cards and need some advice on numbering the tables. What's the best way to do that so it makes sense for the guests? Should I have lower numbers (1, 2, 3) closest to the doors so they are immediately evident or would it make more sense to put the lower numbers on the tables that are toward the back of the room? Does anyone have an example of their table layout with numbers included?

ETA: Never mind...I'm totally overthinking this. I'm just going to number the damned tables. There are only 12 of them for crying out loud.
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Re: Table numbers

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    I did 1 as table closest to ME and went from there.
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    Yes, you are definitely over thinking! 

    You number those damn tables however you see fit, lady!
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    As long as they're in some kind of order, you can have them start wherever you want. Typically I've seen 1 either the head table or closest to the head table.

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    I don't even remember how we did ours. 
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