The Wedding Seamstress-highly recommended

Deedee and Justin are just amazing- I can not say enough great things about the quality and customer service that they provide. I had originally bought my dress at another store and The Wedding Seamstress was recommended for alterations. After arriving for my first day on the wrong day, in which the store was closed - Deedee personally left a class she was teaching to meet me-for only a consultation appointment! She was friendly and helpful- even though I totally put her at an inconvienence. After shopping around I ended up back at the store as they were the most reasonable place I could find in town. But wait- the service only gets better....2 weeks after dropping off my dress, I learned I was pregnant. (yes I am an "older bride" so we have no time to wait!) Again, Deedee came to my rescue! she offered ideas on how to alter the dress i had so it would be comfortable. she never tried to sell me a new dress. In the end, I opted to go with a new dress and tried on one of the Lola raw silk gowns- I loved it! I was expecting her to tell me it was thousands of dollars since I had tried on similar gowns at other botique stores that were $2000-$4000 dollars- but not this one ... it was less than $1000! and not only that, but Deedee had already started hemming my old dress- in which she took out the hem so I could sell it in its original state and she credited me 100% of the alteration costs to my new dress. but the story my body continues to change over the weeks- Deedee has worked with me several times to make sure my dress fits just perfectly. she has made extra time and scheduled additional fittings to ensure that come my wedding day I will be comfortable and the dress will fit perfectly. Both Deedee and Justin have been friendly, helpful and professional. They have taken time to get to know me and what is important to me as a person in addition to the whole dress stuff. it just feels comfortable there- like working with family. I highly recommend this place for both a new dress and for alterations. Definately try on some of her gowns while you are there- they are beautiful, elegant, unique and priced right!

Re: The Wedding Seamstress-highly recommended

  • I'm so happy to read this. I have my first fitting with her on the 2nd of July and I have some reservations about the gown, so it'll be great to be in good hands! Thanks for posting this!!
  • Does she also make custom dresses? I fell in love with one I can not afford, and I'm looking to see if someone can create it for less...;)
  • Where is she located? I bought my dress through David's Bridal, will need a *few* alterations (nothing crazy, i'm just short), but I would rather support a local business!
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