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I need to find a florist for our bouquets, bouts, and corsages. We're getting married near O'Hare and need very simple flowers on a budget. My original plan was to use Costco but I can't create packages that fit our needs. I don't have strong opinions on flowers so we're very flexible on designs, etc. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for affordable wedding florists?


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Re: Inexpensive florist

  • Yes, we used Bunches in Lincoln park. They were totally fantastic to work with. 

    We had a limited budget and what is considered a small order for a wedding florist. They did not require a minimum, I just let them know our total budget and they worked back from that number to create really gorgeous bouquets, bouts and centerpieces.

    I wasn't beholden to any certain kind of flowers either, I just liked bright colors, showed them some photos of arrangements I liked and they made some really great arrangements based on that. Very minimal work on my end. And I looooooved what they came up with.

     highly recommend, good luck!

  • Thank you!
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  • Kimberose did our flowers...she was great to work with and respected our budget.
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