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Winter Honeymoon

My husband and I got married earlier this month, but because of work schedules, the only time we can go on a honeymoon is the end of January 2015. We are looking to go somewhere secluded where we don't have to see anyone unless we want to and preferably have our own cabin, but are worried about finding cabin rentals for the southern US that won't be freezing cold at the time. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to go? So far we've looked at Georgia cabins but again, are worried about the temperature. We aren't planning on swimming or anything, just want a nice above freezing temperature lol.

Re: Winter Honeymoon

  • Do you have the budget to leave the country/ go to the caribbean? Even Phoenix and Palm Springs are 40-50 degrees in January. You could possibly do southern FL but I don't know if there are "cabins" there.



  • I'm really drawing a blank. I also don't think FL really has cabins, but maybe you can find a resort on a beach where you can rent a cottage. 
  • If you don't want to leave the US you are going to have to look at a beach cottage/house on the southern tip of Florida if you want warm weather.  If you don't have passports the US Virgin Islands are still an option depending on your budget.
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  • Have you looked up state & national parks for cabin rentals?
  • There is a resort in FL that has beach cottages. It's kinda private. But its always been very warm there. It's called Turtle Beach Resort. I can give you details if you're interested.
    I agree with AprilH81. You're going to have to go very south! I got married in January as well.
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