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Destination wedding photos - Thailand!!!

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  • On May 23, there was a military coup d'etat in Thailand, and currently the US State Department advises US citizens not to go there until thing settle down.  Did you see any political problems?   I am signed up for a cruise to Bangkok and Koh Samui in January.  We are concerned.
  • When we were there, there was also a coup and we were actually in Bangkok during this. We've been to Bangkok about 5 times and during this occasion, other than road closures and closed off areas, things are just as usual.  The media over hypes it, and the protests and military activity is in very concentrated areas - most of which are not as violent as they are made out to be.  The military involvement is more of a precaution.  Unless you literally jump right in the middle of a protest, you will be fine.  The islands are not affected by any of this.  

    Koh Samui is beautiful - if you have time, rent a motorbike and tour the island that way.  Just don't be cautious and you'll be fine.  If you have even more time, take the ferry to neighboring island Koh Phangnan - it's smaller, less touristy and beautiful as well.  The Thai people are so welcoming and gracious, the food is delicious, and the scenery is majestic.  Have a GREAT time!!! 
  • *just BE cautious!*  :)

  • Looks like your wedding was beautiful! Congrats!!

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    Congratulations!  Everything looked beautiful! ...
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