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Posting from tablets, phones, e-readers STILL not fixed?!

I last posted about this on May 30, and have had zero feedback.
Okay, so I still can't post from my phone, which is my primary "knotting" device.

It's an Asus Fonepad, running Android 4.1.2. I usually use Chrome on it, but the default (Asus) browser doesn't let me post either.

What happens is this: I click into the input box and my keyboard pops up, but before I can type anything it disappears again and will not let me bring the keyboard back up. It will not let me click the input box again.

This is not a browser issue or a phone issue, as none of my other forum sites are affected.

Every time I want to post on TK, I have to screw around to get my computer to connect through my phone. It's a PITA and I shouldn't have to do it.
As posted by other users in that same thread, this is also happening on Nooks and Kindles. TK should really be aware that many of us Knot from mobile devices. 

I've been unable to post (either new discussions OR replies) from my phone since the Great Update of May 8. Can someone PLEASE tell me if anything is being done to remedy this? Is this going to get fixed, or should I be looking for another site to fulfil my forum needs?
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Re: Posting from tablets, phones, e-readers STILL not fixed?!

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    I can post on my Kindle, but it's an ordeal. I can only do it using the rich text button, and even though I write using paragraphs, they don't appear. Sometimes I can quote, sometimes I can't. Forget posting a gif or picture. This was going on BEFORE the May 8 update. Nothing has changed.

    I'm seriously starting to wonder if 'tech' actually exists.
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    I have the same issue as OP trying to pay from my tablet. I can post just fine from my phone, which is weird. I use Chrome on both.
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    Now the text box doesn't always show up on my Kindle, even though I'm logged in. And sometimes just the box is there, no bar at the top with font choices, etc. And if I use rich text to post, I can't use the different fonts because the buttons are grayed out. I mean, come on you guys. Have a little respect for your posters here.
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    Nobody from TK even responded to you guys. That makes me sad.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    @AddieCake, I'm thinking they all just abandonded TK offices and it looks kinda like the apocalypse happened while we were busy Knotting, and we're the last to find out.  

    Either that or @KnotPorscha finally snapped and she's under her desk blowing bubbles stolen from The Knot Store, rocking herself, and babbling about snowflakes and cash bars while the nice men from the hospital try to coax her out and into the pretty white jacket with all the buckles on it.
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    Yeah, I don't think anyone actually reads these.
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