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Preliminary results

The colonoscopy and prep wasn't terrible.  They did find I have diverticulitus and a hemorrhoid (that's a lovely picture).  She took some samples to see if there is anything else going on and those will be in next week.  I took a huge nap yesterday and farted a ton.  Nothing is cooler to a 5 yo than a farting mom.

Re: Preliminary results

  • BOO to diverticulitis and a 'roid.  Hopefully that's it.  
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    I couldn't tell if she suspected more because she kept saying "anything we find is treatable" or if I was just so doped up I'm reading into things.  DH confirmed she said it more than once.
  • My uncle has diverticulitis.  Do you have to change your diet and everything, or is it too soon to decide that before the other results are back?

    Do you think she was saying that about treatable because she was relieved to have ruled out anything not-treatable?  I could see it either way:  if it were me, I know I'd be paranoid that it meant she expects to find something, but if I were her it would be more like "Well that's one big hurdle cleared."
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    She gave pamphlets on diet, but they don't talk to you too much after because you won't remember things.  She has wondered if there is some underlying irritable bowel disease- crohn's or other stuff.  I don't know though. 

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    IBS is kindof what they say when they've ruled out anything that can kill you--at least that's how I took it  Stupid trash can diagnoses.

    I'm gad it wasn't so bad.
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