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Blocking Rooms - HELP

I want to reserve a block of rooms for my guests so the rates don't sky rocket (like I've heard on here). My wedding is next April, and I haven't sent out invitations, so no RSVPs yet. How do I know how many rooms to block? Thanks!
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Re: Blocking Rooms - HELP

  • Depends on how many people you have coming out.  I sent out 50 invites so I blocked off 40 rooms. Make sure you are not responsible for unbooked rooms.  
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  • Find a hotel that doesn't make you pay for rooms that go unreserved, otherwise you may end up getting stuck paying for them. That can be a big factor - if your chosen hotel has that policy, book low and encourage guests to book their rooms ASAP. How many guests/couples are you inviting? It can really be a hit-or-miss thing on the rooms so just do some research and find a place that has more lenient block policies :)
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  • i agree with tcnoble, I was shocked that some hotels charge you if the rooms aren't booked.

    We booked at the flamingo, they gave us the number of rooms to block we had 12, we sent out 50 invitations and 40 confirmed, but not all of our guests are staying at the flamingo out of the 12 rooms, i think 8 are booked. So I wouldn't stress to much on a room block...for us even with less than 30 days until the wedding the group rate is way more than the rate on the website 
  • Most hotels have a minimum of rooms you have to reserve in order to do a block. Usually it's 10. If you think you will fill at least 10 rooms (including yours) then go ahead and do that. You can always add rooms onto your block later if you need more. 
  • Thanks everyone!  I will be sending out 33 invitations, and we expect around 50 guests (probably less, we're optimistic).  I think I'll call Aria and Monte Carlo this week to find out the policies.  I know it'll be cheaper to book through discount sites, etc, but just in case the rates go really high due to a fight or something, I would feel better knowing there is a back up!  
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    If you are sending out 33 invites for 2 people each, with the rule of thumb for DW you should expect 44 people. So 22 rooms is more then enough.

    We stayed at Aria, we got amazing prices. We paid $137/night by the time our wedding came up, a regular room was $375 a night. No body really found a better price and if they did, it was off strip and they complained how far "2 blocks from the strip" actually was... Huge saving if you lock it in before anything is announced. However, we were not all on the same floor, although we were told we would be. Oh and Aria was quick to respond via email.
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  • a13049a13049 member
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    We are staying at aria and got amazing rates, 109/night for midweek and $120 for weekend. Of course the specific week/weekend matters. We send out 50 invites we have 30 guest coming and needed 12 rooms. We blocked 15 rooms to start and when people rsvp'd. We asked them of they were staying at aria or somewhere else. Then we knew if we need more/less rooms in our rooms block.
  • Holy crap.  You ladies got some SMOKIN' deals.  I guess it depends when you book.  I know October is a popular month and prices are usually higher but I was super disappointed by the prices I was quoted by Aria when I requested our room blocks. 

    Thursday October 16, 2014


    $169 plus 12% tax

    Friday October 17, 2014


    $239 plus 12% tax

    Saturday October 18, 2014


    $249 plus 12% tax

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  • ours at the Flamingo is $132 for Friday and Saturday and $50 for Saturday and Sunday. Not the best rate at all, and a lot of guests didn't go that route, it was actually cheaper on the Flamingo website!
  • I need to call and do this!!!
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  • Does anyone have experience with Jetaport? I got this company info in an e-mail from the knot.
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  • Please keep in mind that room blocks are not typically the best rate, they're just the hotel letting you guarantee a specific rate up until 30 days prior to wedding date.  In our case, guests were able to get about 30% off web rate with a coupon code from smartervegas.com and they paid about $150/night less than the block rate, but those that waited way too long to book still got a room when those that waited until last minute had to stay elsewhere since Mandalay had sold out.

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  • How did I not know about this site??? We just saved an additional 80 bucks off the Vista suite and get late check out
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  • Do most of you block rooms where the reception is? Or the chapel?

  • We did not get married on the strip or celebrate the wedding on the strip. So we picked a convenient location for everyone. Which was south on the strip. 
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  • We did a block of rooms where we are getting married (Aria) and then some rooms at hotels nearby (Flamingo and Plant Hollywood). I also wanted to give everyone a high, medium, low option for staying. Flamingo is actually my favorite so we will be staying their the first two nights and then moving to Aria. 
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