What to wear to a wedding in a hot air balloon

Ok so... we were looking at eloping in May of next year, but we were talking about it yesterday and my fiance said, "We want to get married, we should just get married.  Waiting until next May is silly."  He suggested we as a random date generator on the internet to pick a new date (we're geeks, remember) so we did, and it picked 5 dates, ranging from August 2014 to May 2015.  To my shock, FI said, "the first one sounds good to me!"

So... we're getting married August 21.  Like, in two months.  So much for losing a million pounds before then, I'm aiming for 10.

We'd been looking at various places in Vermont with elopement packages, and we found a place that does "Made in Heaven" packages... with the ceremony in a hot air balloon.  FI and my daughter are both over-the-moon excited, and I admit I am also.  My quandary, though, is what on earth do I wear?  The innkeeper we spoke with recommended against a wedding dress and veil for various reasons (wind, climbing into the basket, and fire being 3 of them), and I don't think I have time anyway, but I'd still like to look nice!  We also get a private dinner afterwards (well, for 3 since my daughter will be with us) so another outfit for that would be fine as well.  I work at home, and live in jeans and/or shorts, so I admit to having absolutely no clue.  I never wear makeup either, so I don't know what to do with that, either.  Help?  Any suggestions would be welcome!  I'm still reeling over the fact that we're eloping from our elopement.

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Re: What to wear to a wedding in a hot air balloon

  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    From what I'm reading - everything is saying 'wear sensible clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty'. Everything pointed to say footwear should be trainers/hikers depending on where you land.  So I think I would opt for something I would wear on a walk/hike and then change before dinner into a cute knee-length dress.

    Does the place that you're going through happen to have any kind of gallery on their website?  If not, I would just call them up and ask what type of attire they recommend.

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    A quick google search on what to wear for a hot air balloon ride came back with the below.  If it were me, I'd wear pants/capris with a dressy blouse (any pictures would probably just have the top half of you anyway), closed toe shoes, have my hair and makeup done and get changed into a dress afterwards.

    What should I wear?

    You should dress for an outdoor activity according to the season and temperature of that day. It's probably best to wear clothes that you aren't afraid to get wet or dirty, although we certainly won't aim to do such things! Appropriate clothing for ballooning is jeans, sneakers/hiking boots, and casual shirts. Taller passengers may want to wear a hat in the warmer months, as the burner generates heat.

    Waterproof shoes or boots are a good idea in the mornings, as it's very common for the ground to be wet with morning dew. Shorts and skirts may not be suitable for some of our landing spots. Hiking boots, sneakers, or a comfortable flat shoe are the preferred footwear. Heeled shoes and open-toed footwear (sandals) should be avoided at all costs.

    It is cooler in the mornings as well as after sunset, so an extra layer (sweatshirt, light jacket) might be well worth bringing along to either add on or take off as it gets warmer or cooler.

  • Thank you both :) I've been searching nice tops to tone down my apple shape (I'd like something nicer than my normal t shirts), and looking at dresses for the dinner afterwards. I also shared with my FI that his kilt might not be the best idea for the balloon ride lol!
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  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Honestly, I would still wear a dress.  But maybe that's just because I can't imagine not getting married in a dress.  I might wear a longer, more simple dress for the ceremony and maybe a cocktail style dress for the dinner afterwards (since the other one might be dirty and stuff by then).  Anywho, here's a couple that got married in a hot air balloon:

    Some blurbs I found online:
    "You may dress in any wedding fashion you may wish but please remember that we will expect you to climb in and out of the balloon basket.  We will also be walking around out in open pastures and hay fields.  Your ability to walk should not be encumbered.  Balloon flights are weather permitting.  We will not fly if the weather conditions are unsafe.  It is recommended that you have at least one backup day planned. "

    "The temperature in the balloon basket is no colder than the temperature on the ground if not warmer. The balloon moves with the wind so there is not any wind chill factor.
    We recomend an athletic shoe, NO SANDALS, HEELS or FLIP FLOPS. Our flights are out in the desert full of rocks, dirt, cactus, sticks and other things that can hurt your feet. Sometimes guests get all dressed up for this elegant excursion. The balloons are dusty and you will get a little dirty. We recommend you dress in layers as if you were going on a day hike. Sunglasses, a sweatshirt and a baseball hat is sufficient. Some guests say the radiant heat from the burners is warm on their heads."
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