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Hi all,

I'm 5'1" and 180 lb. I'm getting married in July 2015 and I'd like to be around 140 lb. More than the specific number--I just want to feel better when I look at myself. I don't want to hate my wedding pictures because I look like I have a double chin or too big of a stomach in some of them.

I'd like to make a lifestyle change to be healthier, and I think it's important to start soon to to lose weight gradually in a safe way. My trouble is anytime I start a change, I have a hard time sustaining it. I used my fitness pal and lost 10 pounds, but I ended up stopping using it because I hated how miserable it made eating. I'd get too hung up on the calories in every little thing.

I've been considering joining Weight Watchers because I hear fruits & veggies are 0 "points", and I want to encourage myself to eat healthier foods instead of obsessing about every single calorie. I've also thought about just keeping a food diary to see if I can identity problematic patterns over time. 

I usually go on a few 3-4 mile walks a week, so I have a start on exercise but could be more consistent. I

Any advice out there about making a healthy change that is do-able long-term? Thanks so much for any help! :)

Re: Sustainable Lifestyle Change

  • I agree with you that my fitness pal can be a bit...draining after a while. I just get sick of counting, ya know? I have done weight watchers before. It isn't strict calorie counting, but the points system does still make you look up everything you eat, which is the annoying thing for me. It is a little less number-crunch-y though--more like a budget. The "free" veggies are great when you just need to eat something without thinking about it. Sustainable lifestyle changes are the hardest thing! I'm still trying to turn good choices into daily habits. I think variety is important, as is being kind to yourself. Like, if you eat ice cream one day don't beat yourself up, don't even call it a cheat--just go, well, I guess I really wanted some ice cream! I find I'm less likely to eat ice cream MORE when it's not some taboo. Like, I get stubborn and rebellious when I start deeming things completely off-limits, but if I just think, ooh, tasty treat! Then I'm somehow more able to really see it as a treat/special occasion. And then there are times I just really want Spaghettios, so...yeah, nobody's "good" all the time! Good luck. :)
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    I definitely agree with KatieinBkln, don't restrict yourself from foods. Allow yourself everything in moderation.  I think MFP is helpful mainly because you don't realize that when you eat a few random things it really adds up.  I would use it more of a gauge of where you're at rather than the be-all end-all to your daily calorie count.  

    I realize that if I restrict food and then happen to eat it, I then say 'eff it, I messed it all up"  However, if I look at a food like "okay, I"ll eat today and it's's nothing in the overall grand scheme of the calories for the week." I will do much better on a lifestyle change.  I have, however, restricted myself from Coldstone for a month because it has been a weakness of mine that I eat in excess, and it's easier to restrict because it's not in my freezer :)
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    Thanks for the good advice both of you! :)

    I agree about Coldstone! I have a weakness for cake batter ice cream!
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    Oh yes, definitely the cake batter icecream. It's my go to... well a Birthday Cake Remix, which consists of cake batter ice cream, brownie chunks, caramel, and sprinkles.

  • I make myself "earn" those sweets. I love candy and ice cream, but when I think "you need to go to 2 gym classes to burn that off" sometimes I realize it's not worth it. Other times I do decide it's worth it and "pay it off" later
  • Hey! I've been doing Focus T25. It's at home workouts, 25 min a day, 5 days a week. The program is 9 weeks long and the results are truly amazing. If you're looking for faster results but still healthy, I'd recommend 21 Day Fix. In just 21 days women are losing up to 15 pounds by exercising 30 min a day and eating right. It's not a gimmick. If you put in the effort, you will see results! Please email me if you want more info. I'd love to coach you through the process and find the right program for you. I'll also have online support groups so we can keep each other encouraged! [email protected]
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