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Hi All!

I am beginning to research venues and am getting overwhelmed as there are so many to choose from! So, I was hoping to get some recommendations to help narrow my search!! I am still in the early stages, so I may not have a tons of answers, so...bear with me :) Here is what I know:

*suburbs of Chicago- prefer Western Suburbs

*outdoor ceremony site on site

*cocktail/horderves reception ONLY- no dinner- want to save money

*affordable...haven't finalized the budget, but the lower the cost the better :)

*small venue needed- possibly no more than 80 people.

While, I know this is vague, suggestions to start looling into would be tremendous!


Re: Venues- Help

  • Nothing pops into my mind that fits your exact criteria but here are some places I used to find venues....unfortunately it just takes a lot of searching/time to find the one that will work best for you. has a vendor search where you can put in outdoor ceremony site & select a price's not a complete list, but it's a start. has venues as well but it's hard to narrow your does have a map feature though that's nice since you have an area in mind.

    i forget which magazine but one of the huge chicago bride magazines had a huge vendor list in a grid format that was sorted by area, told you about the space, and gave a price range.

    Hope that helps at least a little :)
  • If you are having such a smallish group, try a restaurant with a private room. 

    Check OpenTable, do a target search for the Western Suburbs and there are plenty of options for really great restaurants with rooms that fit up to 150 (just doing a quick search). Tapas would be a great fit.

    Narrow the spaces down from there with the rest of your criteria.

    Just remember, sometimes cocktail hors d'oeuvre receptions can be just as spendy as a simple, but delicious dinner. If your cocktail reception is around dinner time, your guests will be hungry and will wind up trying to eat as much as they might expect for a meal.

    Italian food may be typical, but it's a great way to feed a lot of people on a budget.

    Another money saving option is a brunch reception.

    Good luck!
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    I would also look at restaurants. Wildfire, Ditkas, Harry Carey's, Clubhouse, Mia Francesa, etc

    Have you looked at Katherine Legge Memorial in Hinsdale. I don't know the specific details but I know they do host weddings and you would be able to have the outdoor space. 

    I agree with @kaydeee about the timing of your reception. If you aren't going to serve dinner then your reception should be from 2-5. or 8-11pm.
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  • You could look at the Danada House, Wheaton or the Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst
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