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Changed my dress, need ideas for MOH

I changed my dress to full length, ivory/champagne lace, v neck, trumpet dress of awesome. MOH original dress (she already owns it from when she was pregnant with her first kid) however now doesn't work. Both of us look muddy in our dresses together, despite being very flattering colors on each of us. Since I'm the Bridezilla with the change, I am paying for everything with a new dress.

Shape wise, empire waist is the obvious as she's going to be 7 months pregnant.

Her requests are able to wear any underwear that's comfortable that day, tea length at least, and wearing very comfortable shoes. I am absolutely going to go with that. There's one that she loves in pictures, need a check on how it looks on her. If it's close, I can guarantee she'll be radiant.

But what colors will work with the ivory/champagne of my dress? Pastels and warm colors are automatically out from her coloring. Browns are not her favorite either. I'm hoping to do my pop of color crinoline in the same or similar color. She's pale blonde with sea/ice green eyes. I have black hair, one hazel leaning towards blue eye, one lighting blue eye. Both of us are very fair, she's peaches and cream, I'm high contrast.


Re: Changed my dress, need ideas for MOH

  • Your details are great, but you are not going to know for sure, absolutely, until she puts some dresses on.  You also do not sound like Bridezilla at all, so I am hoping that was some humor to lighten the situation.  As the considerate bride that you are, give her a shopping day with you at some bridal stores.  Find a dress in those stores that is comparable to yours and put several options side by side.  If you are miles apart, have her text you some photos of dresses as she tries them on.  As an aside, you both sound gorgeous, so the pictures should be fantastic no matter what she chooses.
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    Based on the coloring you mentioned, I'd say any shade of blue or green. Or a berry color (though technically on the warmer side, it usually has just enough blue-tone to neutralize that.)

    Going to add though, that I think that some pastels will look good on both of your coloring. But if she is definitely anti light colors, and you don't want to have the same intensity of color as her dress, you could do a pastel version of her color dress as your piece of crinoline. 
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    Just curious, what do you mean by 'muddy?' Since you're footing the bill, I'll disagree that you're a bridezilla.

    The dress you choose should complement her complexion. I think a deep rose or berry, or something in the green or blue family would work well. I'm leaning toward deep rose or berry for a light skinned blond with pale blue eyes. 

  • It's a sooty gray. It's a fantastic color - but something about it is not working at all with my dress.

    We'll visit a few places, just need a starting point. Because I have no clue, and my dress is just fussy enough in color to be almost obnoxious. Berry, teal and I'm wondering about a plum color. Eh, we'll go play with dresses again.

    My dress changing is my one "true" Bridezilla moment. Dress was mine, I don't care it's changing everything, I want THIS dress. But, ick, I can not be a raving witch to my SIL. She'll hit me. And I can't hit back. Keep in mind, we've been friends since toddler years, we're basically just actual siblings by now. And it's fun to make people get confused because she's married to my brother and I'm engaged to her brother.
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    Do you have a picture of your dress (and the old dress), or a picture of dresses with  similar colors? Because ivory usually goes with everything. 
  • I had a champagne satin dress with an ivory lace overlay. My BMs wore royal blue satin. Looked great!

  • SIL & I both do martial arts. So, heh, yeah, we'll punch each other. It's not mean, we're giant goofballs.
  • Well, first idea - ick. The fabric was really coarse feeling, so no way.

    Tried a few other options, didn't work. Google directed us to another store. Which had the most perfect dress ever. It's soooooo pretty on SIL, perfect draping, fantastic color. I've got the model picture saved, SIL doesn. want her picture up. I'll add in my dress pics that I've been AW all over.

    Best part for both of us - no hemming!

  • The berry dress is lovely. But do you have a picture of the grey one? Because I can't imagine it looks that  bad with your dress! The ivory looks, like most ivories, fairly white, which means a grey would go just fine. And even if it didn't, and tended towards yellow, grey and yellow are a nice color scheme. 

     But if you want to buy her a new dress, I guess that's your prerogative! 
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    Ooh! Very pretty. I love the color.
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    Emerald green!  ...always looks fantastic with ivory / champagne / gold

    EDIT: I love the berry color too! I love all jewel tones.
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