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Decided on Vegas? Stick to your decision!

I'm making this post because I wish I would have read one similar to it before I allowed people to influence FI and I decision on getting married in Vegas.
It has been almost 2 years since first deciding and planning to get married in Vegas and we still aren't married!
There have been a few other obstacles that kept us from our Vegas wedding, a major one was a house fire that displaced us for nearly a year. But the main obstacle was trying to please our families by having a traditional wedding here at home in Miami.
The process has been so exhausting especially with everything else we have going on. Planning for a Vegas wedding was easy(thanks to this forum and VegasGroom), it was also very fun and exciting. Stress Free!
Now almost two years later we are back at our original plan and we couldn't be more excited. I just wish we never put this idea down in the first place.
If you're thinking about changing your mind about Vegas because of other people's feelings and opinions don't do it!!!!! Your wedding should be about you and the person you're marrying, THAT'S IT!

Re: Decided on Vegas? Stick to your decision!

  • I had the SAME issue! The FI's family really frowned on our initial idea of Vegas so we thought we would keep it here in Phoenix. After 6 months of stress, I couldn't take it. I cancelled everything and told the FI when he got home from work. We went back to our original idea of VEGAS and we couldn't be happier (and stress free!). 
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  • People, sadly always assume a Vegas wedding will be a trashy wedding and of course "thats not what you want" according to most families. I think people don't realize how cheap it can be travel there and how nice a Vegas wedding can be. I agree, stick to your guns and just do it.  
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  • that was how it was with our families, my mother went off on me saying how trashy our wedding will be, his family tried to convince us to do it up here but it is way to stressful to do it where I live! 
  • JixxtJixxt member
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    thank you for posting this reassurance :) 
  • Geez! I'm so sorry you went through this with your families! My experience was the opposite. We were planning a traditional, local wedding, but pulled the plug on it because it was too stressful and too expensive. When we announced to our families that we were going to Vegas instead they were so happy for us and 100% supported our effort to save money and do something fun!
  • I had this as well with our families. My mother was really in favour of a local wedding, but that was just about the only thing we didn't want. Then someone tried to convince us to go to Atlantic City (seriously?) because it would be closer for them.
    Now my mother won't stick to the number of invites she was given, it being a very small wedding.
    It makes me wish we had just eloped. But I think Vegas will still be a lot of fun, and the actual planning has been easy!
  • mspennmspenn member
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    My mother didn't even think I was going to buy a gown.  When I called her to ask her to meet me at the dress shop I got "oh you're buying a gown to this wedding?"
  • @mspenn - wow.... what did she expect? You are still getting married.
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  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    My family was the total opposite. Long before we even announced our engagement, they kept saying, "You should get married in Vegas! That would be so perfect!" Apparently, it fits our personalities, which it really does - we'd been planning on Vegas long before everyone started suggesting it. I just thought it was funny that everyone suggested it.

    We wouldn't have gotten married there if none of the VIPs could have made it, though, so that's worth checking. (We paid for my parents' flights and hotels so they could come, but I realize not everyone can afford to do this.) Otherwise, I totally agree to stand your ground and get married wherever you want. :)

  • @wrigleyville sound just like us!   Everyone loves the idea but we did check to make sure the VIPs could all make it.  they did and are all looking forward to it. 
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • a13049a13049 member
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    Yep! Our families sound like @wrigleyville. We knew we wanted vegas and my mom was telling us how we should just go to vegas. We started planning an elopement, them immediate family, then family only, the. We had a 69 person guest list, lol. With all our rsvps, we are looking at 30 of our nearest and dearest and am so happy
  • mspennmspenn member
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    KikiMira said:
    @mspenn - wow.... what did she expect? You are still getting married.
    yea, not sure what exactly she expected.  But all turned out well in the end and we are doing a vow renewal in October for our 10th anniversary.  This time she's bummed she can't come.  But since she's now 80 with Parkinsons she's just not up to the travel.
  • I'm so glad you posted this.  This is something so many people need to remember when it comes to the big day.  It is ultimately your vision and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  We've been super lucky as my fiancé's parents also got married in Vegas and they really understood why we wanted to get married there also.  The energy the big celebration, they completely got it.  But I do feel for others that deal with this.
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