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I am desperately trying to avoid being annoying on these boards so can someone tell me where I find these so called Stickys so I can do my research first?  :)

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Re: Stickys

  • The stickies are labeled as "announcements" at the top of the boards. You can also use the search function. Off to the right, there are bars where you can type in a question or phrase to search. Honestly, unless you ask a question that has the same thread topic in close vicinity to yours, nobody will give you a hard time about it. So at least scan the topics of the threads on the first page of the board to avoid that.
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  • @lknope66 - Stickies can be found at the top of every board.  Some boards have them and others do not.  Typically they are labeled as "announcements."  For examples, on this board you have "."  Not sure why the title was removed but it is basically all newly engaged brides to show off their rings.

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