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Reception Scouting Reviews

So this past weekend I went to 5 places to find a reception space. I thought I'd share my ideas and what I learned :) I do have pics if anyone would like the. All the info is based on my April 11, 2015 wedding.

1. Joe's Seafood - I arrived early and I met an amazing bartender who filled my wine for free (who doesn't love that!). This place is pretty but still had a ballroom feel. The view of the strip at night is amazing! There is plenty of room for 60+ guests and a dance floor and has it's own bar. There is a $5k minimum. 

2. Carmine's - Really difficult to find. I felt like I was walking forever and finally found it. It has a VERY ballroom feel but there is a great small terrace with a view of the strip. If you are looking for that quaint Italian family feel then this is certainly the place for you! There is a $4.5k minimum. 

3. Sugar Factory - I looked at the Chocolate Lounge. This was initially our first choice. What I love about this space is that it is unique and doesn't have a ballroom feel. I am a bit concerned about being able to accommodate 50-60 people comfortably. There is not really room for a DJ or dance floor unless you have a smaller group. They are also not really accommodating if you want more time. There is a $3.5k minimum. 

4. Mon Ami Gabi - Looked at their private rooms. Not really impressed as I could hear the party next door going on. Not sure I would want my guests to hear another party happening. They also do not have a drink package and everything is on consumption. They recommend you reserve several bottles of wine. Minimum of $5k. 

5. Wicked Spoon - This was certainly MUCH nicer than I had anticipated. The pics don't do it justice. It certainly is very private but does have a ballroom feel. She walked me around the buffet and gave me free food :) I asked about the buffet being crowded and she assured me that they only let a certain number of people in at a time. Minimum is $3k. 

6. Rose. Rabbit. Lie. - If you want a unique and awesome experience for your guests...THIS IS IT! The restaurant is modeled after a mansion with various rooms like the study, library, water room, and music room. It is gorgeous on its own and wouldn't need any decor. They also offer discount tickets to the show that happens (Nocturne). There is a $100pp minimum (semi-private) and drinks are all on consumption. I am really leaning towards this option. 
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Re: Reception Scouting Reviews

  • Oh! Rose rabbit lie would be amaze balls!!!
  • Right?!? That's the one that I want but the FI wants Sugar Factory. I think we might just flip a coin haha. The only issue I see with it, is it's not private and the bar is on consumption (we have lots of drinkers!) so our cost may be much more!
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  • I think rose rabbit lie would be the MosT memorable thing ever! Sugar factory doesn't have great yelp reviews but I'm totally armchair quarterbacking that since I haven't actually Been there. :-)
  • Yeah, I like the Rose Rabbit Lie idea too, unfortunately their menu is a bit sophisticated for my guests.... I'm back to looking at Joe's, I love their menu, and trying to figure out how to decorate their Gigi room a bit.
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • hmgifforhmgiffor member
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    edited June 2014
    I'm back to looking at Joe's and Carmine's I am just so worried about guests getting there from Aria. Has anybody had experience with getting married near/at Aria and getting guests to the Forum Shops?
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  • a13049a13049 member
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    For others, rember their minimums usually change depending on the time and date you are looking at. I know at wicked spoon our minimum was different
  • @hmgiffor I'm also back to Joe's... I'm going to end up transporting my guests there, I know a lot of them could walk (from Bellagio over a bridge through ceasars and the forum shops..)  but not all so it will be more of a party for them if we transport them.    Then we may do a strip tour after dinner, since we have to be picked up to be taken back to the hotel.  Initially I was scared by some of the transportation issues some of the knotties have had on here but I think I've gotten over that and feel confident I can find the right transportation solution for my group of 29.  I just couldnt find the right restaurant within walking distance, although I tried!
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • Ahhh so you're the bride with joes on hold on 11/29 @KrisLSmiley‌ ! I emailed them today and they said it was on hold. I'll steer clear of there. :-)
  • But in case you didn't know, they told me they can accommodate a dance floor.
    @hmgiffor‌ I've got Carmine's back in the running too and having the same struggle with trans. I feel like it's off the beaten path from aria anyway.
  • I ran into the same issue with Maggianos :( Why is this reception stuff so hard!
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  • I literately feel like canceling everything at this point and eloping. Crazy since this is a vegas wedding! It's going to cost us so much to change everything, I just can't decide what I want.
  • Oh no don't do that! Just stick with your original plan! It sounds great :) Just plan for those who really want to get some dancing it to go back to a hotel to get ready and have some after/pre drinks and then go to a club. Not everyone is going to want to dance so we may be working ourselves up for nothing :)
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  • You're right! If they don't like the wedding we've planned already...then oh well. I mean it's one if the best chapels in vegas, lovely dinner at Wolfgang and a fab in suite party. I'm over thinking this. I do feel bad for wasting all these vendors time today! Lol!
  • I've been there and done that...try planning your whole wedding and then having to tell everyone you cancelled and are going to Vegas...not too happy with me! Oh well I'M HAPPY!! 

    BTW, how did you decide on which restaurant. We seem to be looking at some of the same and I am just so confused!
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  • Well I finally "picked" (a loose term given the conversation we've been having today) wolfgangs in crystals because they are actually one of the best values around aria with a nice private dining room with a lower minimum. I also trust their brand and being able to walk from aria was KEY. It's not the type of food I would've envisioned (would prefer classic American with a twist and this is Italian-ish) or the decor (would prefer vintage and this is decidedly modern) but I think a good choice. If I stick with it. Ha.
  • WG at crystals was delicious! I don't think you will disappointed! We ate there just in May the night after our wedding.  
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  • @Rosebubbly‌ you have what sounds like a wonderful evening planned for your guests!! You are hosting them fully and I'm sure they will all be VERY happy. If people want to dance, this is Vegas, they're adults, they can surely make it happen for themselves after your events. And you are correct, Aria is a VERY nice property, your guests are sure to be impressed! Don't keep second guessing yourself, you've got great things planned :) just go with it!
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  • Tried planning my wedding there, but Errol - the person apparently in charge of planning events for Sugar Factory- either has no idea what he's doing and kept giving me wrong information or straight up lied to me repeatedly and then played dumb. I'm thinking it's the latter.
    He would quote one minimum, then change his mind later in and demand another minimum at twice the rate he originally quoted, then pretend like he was cutting you a deal. He also was really disorganized and wouldn't answer questions outright. Really shady guy.
    If you're looking for a place to eat a cheeseburger, idk... But if you're planning an event as important as a wedding GO ELSEWHERE. He's horrible and he's not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • @EmmaroseF That's interesting. The person that I have been working with is Cesilia and she has been pretty responsive. Not the best but it sounds like better than what you have been dealing with. My biggest issue is I want the room for more than 2.5 hours and they seem a bit hesitant but we are spending $5000+ so I think they can let us have the room for an additional hour especially since we also plan on going to Chateau!
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