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I'm sick and I'm getting married in 5 days!!!!!!!!

I'm getting married in 5 days and I'm freaking out because I have a really bad cold!! I'm going to doc in a little bit so I can get put on some good meds but if anyone has any suggestions that might help it would be great!! Thanks!

Re: I'm sick and I'm getting married in 5 days!!!!!!!!

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    Last time I felt like I was getting sick, I took this. And I swear to god, I felt better in one day. 

    I also took a bunch of zinc tablets and drank a ton of water. 
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    I had a sinus infection at my wedding and had to take a plane (destination wedding) which made it even worse!

    I took zinc and my children's fintstones hoping it would help.

    I will say from my own personal experience, I felt like crap all day up until the ceremony and dinner. The adrenaline spiked so high, I didn't feel sick at all and forgot all about it. I was on cloud nine, I didn't even care that I couldn't breath through mynose :)

    Just stay hydrated and get plenty on rest.
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    I was a vocal major in university, and this saved my life more than once:

    -Drink lots of hot tea with honey or hot water with lemon.  This helps clear your sinuses and also moves any cold germs in your throat to your stomach and kills them
    -If your throat is sore, wear a scarf. It keeps your vocal cords warm and helps them heal faster.
    -Soup is also a wonderful thing (same reason as the tea)
    -Try not to talk if you can avoid it. 
    -Hot showers, steam, whatever. Then blow your nose. 
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    You could also try apple cider vinegar. I've heard it works. 
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    I have done this a few times and it really works for me: drink lots and lots of water and try to get a good nights sleep. I drank about 3 litres of water throughout the day (yes, I was running to the WC all the time), but it really, really helped me get over a cold really fast. Obviously don't drink too much water where you get in the danger of overhydration, but staying hydrated helps me get over it really, really fast. 

    Also, cut down on caffeine.
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