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Nevada-Las Vegas

Welcome/thank you bags

I'd like to do some welcome bags for my guests, but we are driving from Canada down to Buffalo, then flying from there to Vegas. I'm not going to have much space to bring items in my bag, though my MOH will have more, as she's coming for a much shorter time.
Has anyone bought items for a bag once already in Vegas? Was it expensive? Have you had things shipped to a hotel? Any suggestions on the actual execution of this?

Re: Welcome/thank you bags

  • Hi There @HeatherMA28 - I am shipping A LOT of stuff to my caterer. Other brides have shipped right to the hotel w/ no issues. I will also will be purchasing items once in Vegas as well, such as snacks, waters and things for the gift bags. There is a Costco, Walmart and places like that out there. Also, there was a bride that ordered her stuff on amazon and had everything shipped right to the hotel so she didn't have to ship it to her home and then ship it to the hotel - Smart cookie that one.
  • I think it depends on your hotel, but I know Aria charges to receive packages.  I don't know the cost though.  I've heard that people ship to a FedEx, or UPS stores out there too.  I'm lucky, my fiance's aunt lives in Vegas, so we're using her address for shipping items out there.
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  • I soooooo wish I knew someone out there to ship to luckily my caterer is awesome and I trust them 110% 
  • @jayjaay‌ - who is your caterer?
  • @nyvegaslove Masterpiece cuisine and my baker is gimme some sugar
  • I ended up going with Masterpiece as well :-)
  • im coming from Australia and am buying everything once we get there. I thought about having it shipped here.. but is stupid to pay shipping and then carting it back! Im buying most of my stuff from Walmart, getting some little souvenirs from that "world's biggest souvenir" shop, and some maps/guides from the Convention center.

    Ill take the actual bags and packaging with me, as Im personalising those here.  

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