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Carolina Wedding:HELP!

Hi y'all! I am looking for anyone who has had there wedding in either NC or SC.. I picture my wedding to be very classic and historic.. white columned plantation style home with lots of mosey oak trees(I Loveee Charleston area).. When my brother in law got married he rented this amazing beach house and had his reception there so that 1.) There was no cut off time and 2.) The families got to stay the night there and not have to worry about drinking and driving.. so I am looking for a place with this kind of situation.. My wedding is a party of a life time and I dont want it to end because its 12:00 and the venue closes.. Any suggestions???

Re: Carolina Wedding:HELP!

  • If you want to rent a house where people can stay, look on websites like or airbnb- websites where you can rent out whole houses. Granted, you'll have to rent tables, chairs, etc because it won't be a venue that comes with all of that stuff. And you'll have to make sure the owner is okay with having an event there. I am getting married in Raleigh, NC in October. We're getting married at a lake about 15 minutes from downtown Raleigh, but we are all staying in downtown Raleigh (I'm providing transportation to and from the lake so alcohol isn't a problem) and for the after party, I'm thinking of reserving a space in a bar downtown for people who want to go out after the reception. I considered renting a house, but decided against it because not everyone will want to stay up and I think it could be inconsiderate to those who want to get to bed early. That's a challenge of having everyone under one roof. Also, there isn't as much privacy, which bothered me. Maybe consider choosing a venue that is close to other things- bars, restaurants, hotels, etc so that transportation is easy- either walking or taking a cab, so the party doesn't have to stop. I almost chose this venue in downtown Raleigh (Tucker House): We went with the lake because we wanted something by the water, but this was a very close runner up. It's SO beautiful. And literally in the heart of downtown Raleigh, which is, in my opinion, one of the best cities. You can't stay at Tucker House, but our hotel is less than a mile from this house and it's within a mile or so of a ton of bars and restaurants. There's also a b&b right behind the house in case people wanted to be literally right next door. Just a suggestion. I don't know anything about South Carolina because I'm convinced there isn't much worth visiting outside of Charleston. If you become more interested in the Raleigh area or central NC, let me know. I spent a while going through every possible wedding venue in that area. Good luck!
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