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Rabbi for Friday night?

Hi all!

I am inquiring as to whether any of the brides in the tri-state area have come across a Rabbi willing to conduct a Friday night wedding. I am Jewish and my fiance is Catholic, so we are looking for a modern, liberal Rabbi to co-officiate with a Priest on a Friday night. I know this might be a tall order, but looking for any recommendations. Thank you!

Re: Rabbi for Friday night?

  • I have a cantor that is doing my sat night wedding in my fiance's church...let's know if you want his information.
  • Are you getting married in a church? If not a Catholic priest can not officiate, if yes I don't think the would allow a rabbi to co-officiate. Just something to think about.
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  • @HobokensFury‌ I am getting married in my fiance's Catholic Church and they are allowing a cantor to co-officiate and we are getting married under a chuppah. The church has started allowing this and our priest and cantor are actually co-officiating another ceremony in my FI's church in August.
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    That's wonderful, Jenn!

    We found two great rabbis that are willing to co-officiate a Friday night wedding at our venue. We haven't met with them yet, but plan to soon. If anyone would like their contact information, please let me know.

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