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Recommendations on Northern NJ Venues for a Friday night wedding - Fall 2015

Hi everyone!!

Does anyone have any recommendations on venues for a Friday night wedding in Sept/Oct 2015.  We are looking to have approx. 100-120 ppl. Preferably staying at or below $130/pp including tax and gratuity.



Re: Recommendations on Northern NJ Venues for a Friday night wedding - Fall 2015

  • @danielle60314 I had my fiance go through a list yesterday and see what prices were.  You should called Fiesta, Shackamaxon Country Club, and Galloping Hill Clubhouse.

    Also if you have NJ Bride magazine in the back it has venues broken out by size and price...that is what we used as our guide this pass weekend in making a list to call.
  • Thank you!!! No, I don't have that magazine. Where can I get it? LOL
  • @danielle60314 my cousin's husband works for Husdon News so he get it for me from I am sure you can stop and see if they have it at the Hudson News on the Path Station.
  • @Danielle60314, check out the Tides Estate. Have you had a chance to check out The Knoll or any of the Crystal Springs properties yet?  
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  • I would also recommend the Crysal Plaza. We're having our wedding this September for 225 people at 155pp (incl tax and tip), but I know they can adjust their pricing depending on your budget. They've been absolutely amazing to work with, incredible service, food is out of the world - I can't recommend them enough. I'd say call and ask to speak with Fred - he's been our contact and put our package together based on our overall budget. Plus, it's an old mansion that's been converted into an event space, so it has a lot of character.
  • Thanks everyone!!

    @Jeannine12- I will check Hudson News at lunch! THANKS!!  LOL

    @silver0319- They are on the list for next week to visit. Have to go around my work schedule. :) I have Atrium CC, Ravello's and IL Tulipano set for this week.  The Tides is really nice but, not on our list.   My Fiance is divorced and that was the place he was married prior. Def cant go there! :)

    @mellyD2014- Thank you for the feedback.. Is that for a Saturday night wedding? We are thinking perhaps a Friday night... Its on our list to see too. My Fiance liked that place a lot.  I may call there to see next week with the others...

  • @danielle60314 nope that's for a Friday night :)
  • How about Seasons?
  • @michele1114- We liked Seasons and its on the list of venues to look at.  :)  Have you been there?
  • We just called the Seasons on a Friday night in the fall they are quoting $155 and Saturday $175
  • That's a little high, no?  There are a ton of other venues that will give a better deal... 
  • For my 300 guest list...we thought so but the food and place is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If i could cut down my list to half I would be all over it
  • Now its 300 guests....  WOW GIRL! LOL

    You have an appt Atrium CC tonight, right?

  • LOL i am hoping to have it down to 250...That is my goal this weekend to figure out how to cut people

    Yeah we are at the Atrium tonight.  Message me and let me know how last night went.
  • Yes we looked at it in the winter.  We met with Carl.  It was the first place we went to see (out of 8 venues).  Had it been the last place we went with we probably would have booked him.  We got blown away by The Grove but I think Seasons was a least 10k less and in retrospect we should have saved the money.  They have a smaller room upstairs and a larger room downstairs.  They own the venetian too so the food is excellent.  My fiance's family has had parties there and I recently went to a tricky tray there during the week.  It was very good.   
  • So you booked the Grove? :)  So exciting!!!

    What other venues did you look at?? :)

  • I know The Berkley Plaza is reasonably priced and I have heard the food is pretty good.
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  • Danielle these are the venues we looked at.

    Florentine Gardens
    The Westmount Country Club
    Nanina's in the Park
    The Park Savoy
    The Grove
    Il Tulipano
  • Valley Regency
    Tide Estates
    Florentine Gardens
    The Grove
    The Mill

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