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Alternative to Mother Son Dance

My FMIL suffers from myopathy and is losing functioning in her legs. She already needs a wheelchair and the wedding is still over a year away.  I know by next year she will be unable to hold herself up.  I want to do an alternative to the mother son dance because I have been looking forward to the father daughter dance my whole life. I know she will not want to be the center of attention but I need a way to make her feel special and loved. Any ideas?

Re: Alternative to Mother Son Dance

  • What does your FI and FMIL want to do? If they want to do some kind of dance, great. If they want to do nothing, fine.

    I would talk to your FI first and let HIM talk to his mom. It's between the two of them and something they should decide. And don't push the decision - this is something you can decide to do/not do the day of if need be. 

  • Let them figure out what they want to do together; whether or not they do anything has no bearing on whether you're allowed to dance with your dad.

    ETA: Does the "looking forward to the father daughter dance" part just mean that you feel for your FI and mom if that's not something they can do? I interpreted it as an implication of "both parent dances or no parent dances."
    Me too.  I've been to plenty of weddings where there was only a father/daughter dance and no mother/son dance. As far as I know no one questioned it.  
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