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Linen Suits

Does anyone know of a good website or store (in Atlanta area ) to purchase Linen suits for men? Im not getting married until May 2015 but I just want to have an idea of where to start.

Re: Linen Suits

  • You should shop NOW.  Linen suits are seasonal, and not available through the year.
  • We got ours from Nordstrom.com and love them!
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    Are you sure you want to go with linen?  Linen wrinkles VERY easily so there is a good chance that by the time the ceremony gets ready to start your Groom and his GM will look like one big wrinkled mess.

  • Thank you Knottties  for your input!,  I'm  aware of the wrinkled mess that linen can ultimately turn into. Due to the fact that my Groom and all of his grooms men are sweatboxes , linen seems to be the coolest fabric.

  • Have you thought about seersucker?  Super cool and already wrinkled so it still looks dapper after sitting, sweating, etc. Also, if you're in the Atlanta area, then you know it's a traditional look for the South.  It even comes in solid colors now-look at Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom's, and other area stores-especially online.  My daughter is marrying August 10 and her grandfather and younger brother will be sporting seersucker.  The only drawback is that it really is more of a daytime look and not very elegant.  If you are going for glamour, then linen is the better choice.
  • Thanks so much for your input! I am going for a almost vintage glam look, but I still will take a look at Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom's.
  • I am also in search of linen suits. Fiance wants to try everything on so its kind of raining on my buy everything on-line for the best price search. I even bought my wedding dress on-line during the Davids $99 sale. We are also getting married on May 15 at Sandals in Jamaica. It is going to be very very humid and hot. A friend at work's daugher just got married there, and she advised me to consider this as well so now I am nervous about finding him something that will work.
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  •  Well congrats on your upcoming Nuptials! Luckily my Fiance  is open to whatever I decide to do as far s outfitting the groom, and grooms men. I have decided to place them in some sort of linen shirt, vest, and pant with blush/vintage rose colored ties. Our ceremony will only be approx. 20 minutes in length with a reception  held indoors. Hopefully they wont be so sweaty during that time period. LOL
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