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Should I just go for the first venue and stop looking? It's a church hall... (XP)

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Is it silly to want to go with the only place I've seen just to be done with it?

My SO would like to get married in his home church, and he believes we can use the attached church hall. We haven't spoken to the minister yet, but his family is pretty active in that church.

If we find out we can use it, on an acceptable date, would it be crazy to just stop looking?

My mom is adamantly against a "church basement" wedding (it's a big open room, not underground!), but I just don't want to start shopping golf courses and get sucked into a fancier wedding than we want because I'm sure they will be prettier! I almost don't want to know what else is out there. Mom is insisting on paying, but I would like for us to do it on our own, so the budget is undetermined.

But if we have to bring in a caterer anyway (maybe), would the price difference even be a lot in your experience?

How long did it take you to find a venue?

And does anyone do a church hall anymore??

BTW, this is a suburb/small town in a not great area, and it's not local for me or my family, so there will be time constraints shopping around.

ETA: photo of the hallimage


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Re: Should I just go for the first venue and stop looking? It's a church hall... (XP)

  • If you know what you want and this place fits the bill, then there's no need to keep looking. We hired the first (and only) caterer, photographer, and florist we talked with. Made planning super easy!

    Bringing in your own caterer can actually save you money because it frees you up to be flexible and choose cheaper options. Especially if the venue already includes things like tables and chairs (if not, you can get them through a rental company).

    Our venue experience was pretty much like yours. We knew we wanted to get married in my in-laws' yard, so we just had to ask them. I looked at some other options online just in case, but that was the only place we seriously considered.

    Yes, people still do church hall weddings! It's a great way to have a nice reception while still saving money.
  • We didn't tour any venues. We booked the place that we knew we wanted to have our wedding at. There isn't any reason to keep looking if the church hall works for you.

    FWIW, I think that room is perfectly fine for a wedding. I was expecting some 1970's wood paneled room or a basement with block walls and that is not what that is at all :)
  • Thanks guys!
    I booked it!
    If I came across something amazing, I could change I'm sure, but getting the church for my date was the most important thing anyway!


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  • Don't look at anything else! This is a nice neutral space, and will work beautifully. Major check mark off the to do list!
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    I'm in the 'it works, let's just take it' camp. I think we've finally found the one, going to view it with the whole family next week. Fits the budget, unique, historical, outdoor ceremony and cocktail space and indoor reception space with windows that open ... we had a lot of asks. It's 45 minutes away from where we live, but for the price....

    My FI is in the opposite camp. He wants to see EVERYTHING EVER. I'm hoping we can settle on this one and lock our date in. 10.10.15.

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