when do you fit in decorating the reception hall?

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I'm trying to figure out in my head how I'm going to manage decorating our reception space. All they do is set up the tables and chairs... and we have the place rented from 3-8pm. Our wedding is going to be at either 12 or 1 pm (catholic wedding) which doesn't leave much time before or after. The lady I've been speaking with at the reception place says most people just hire caterers that will also decorate.We are having a winter wedding and the reception lady said she could work with us on adding an extra hour in there. So, I'm thinking what if I just added an hour at like 8 or 9am and went and decorated before getting ready???! I don't really want to feel rushed though.... Has anyone had any experience with this... or how did you set up your decorations? I'm just trying to figure out what would be easiest. I need advice!

Re: when do you fit in decorating the reception hall?

  • I know some people that have had the option of decorating the hall the night before. I didn't have that option, so I hired a day of coordinator to decorate and help me on the day of. I also had some family members volunteer to help. If anyone in your family has offered to help, this may be something you could ask them to help you with. If you go that route, you could put everything in labled boxes. For the centerpieces, set up a mock centerpiece, and attach a picture of that to the boxes. Our caterer set up the linens, plates, and glasses. Are you hiring a florist? They could also do this for you.

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