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Bustle for short train on trumpet gown?

In my picture, I am barefoot and pretty close to the edge of the step, plus everything will be up a half inch or so once the straps are shortened. So, there's not much train, but some.

How do I bustle this? DB says I won't need it. While no dancing at reception, I have full intentions to go run around bars after, so really don't think I can get away without a bustle. MIL and step mom will be the ones helping to get it up. I don't think a single point will be secure enough for running around after.

Re: Bustle for short train on trumpet gown?

  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I would probably just do an over bustle like this one:


  • I think a simple on like above would work. I'm with ypu, I would want to hike that train up if bar hopping afterwards
  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta member
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    Definitely get one so that people aren't stepping on your train. A simple over bustle should be fine, but the seamstress should be able to show you multiple options so you can pick what you like best.
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  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    You should bustle that dress.  It's just long enough where you will be stepped on all evening.
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