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Seating for only 23 guests?

So we have a private room in a restaurant rented for our reception, which has 26 seats (2 @ 4 seats, 3 @ 6 seats). Including ourselves we have 25 people. So I would like to assign seating because there is only one way to put people together with the one empty seat. Like the one empty seat has to be at FI's parent's table for it to work for couples to be together otherwise it's all thrown off.

How would you present the seating assignments? It seems silly to have escort cards or a table chart for such a small group in such a small room. Would you just put name cards at each place setting? Or a list of names on each centerpiece? Or would you still do normal escort cards?



Re: Seating for only 23 guests?

  • I think you could still do a small seating chart and then place cards at the tables.  Even though you have only 5 tables a seating chart will help people find their table easier then walking around to each table and looking at the place cards.  You don't need anything fancy, just something simple.

  • @maggie0829 My brother is breeding his golden retreiver with a yellow lab right now and said if I want I can have pick of the litter as my wedding present. FI and I have never had a dog and are still debating whether we are ready for the responsibility or not- but your siggy is totally not helping and making me want the puppy!!! haha



  • OMG and golden retriever with a yellow lab?  That will create probably the cutest puppies in the entire world!

    I have a yellow lab (she just turned 3) and I will say that the first 2-3 weeks are a complete blur but H and I are so happy we got her.  Coming home every day to her wiggly butt and smiling face makes all my shoes she chewed up, holes she put in my sweatshirts, the leg of my make up chair that she chewed to nothing and the middle of the night potty runs all worth it :)

  • @maggie0829 hahah oh those are definitely all the things I'm afraid of! The chewing, crying, middle of the night peeing. But once they are trained, they are so freakin loving and I've never experienced that so I'm leaning towards it. I get worried about vacations or overnight trips but then I have to stop and remind myself that we only do that 1-2 times per year so it's kind of dumb for that to be a hinderance!



  • When H and I go on vacation I usually get my parents to come up for a visit to watch our pup.  We don't really go away often and if we do we are usually doing separate trips (like him to his car shows and me to my parents) so one of us is always home.  We have taken her down to FL (from MD) in the car and she did fine (except holy crap the hair, she shed like crazy!).

    I wish we had started her in doggy daycare at an early age though just so she wasn't home all day by herself and I am kind of hesitant to put her in a kennel because she is just so attached to us.  I am sure she would be fine but I don't think I could handle it LOL!

    She is definitely a handful and sometimes H and I think back to the days where we could up and go whenever we wanted but then we realize that we really didn't up and go very often (or ever) and we very rarely go on vacations so she really didn't change our normal routine that much.

    Well if you get a pup you must post pictures!

  • I have nothing to offer to the dog conversation except PUPPIES!

    A small seating chart should be totally fine.  Even though it's a smaller wedding, it would be helpful to the guests.  
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  • I would do a seating chart. I think it would be appreciated even more in such a small space because then people won't have to move around once they realize the seats aren't right or a couple can't sit at a table together.

    As for the puppies, I put my dog in doggie daycare when we go on trips or we are doing something all day long and can't get back home to check on her. She absolutely loves it there. She only weighs 15 pounds, but she loves to run and jump all over the big dogs. LOL
  • With 23 people I would assign seats and have the place card already on the table.    

    It's such a small amount of people it will not be hard for people to find their seat.    

    Assigning a specific seat for 23 when you have tables 4 and 6 is not hard either.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • For that situation I'd assign seats and put place cards on the table.
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