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Married before Ceremony in Puerto Rico

My Partner and I are are planning to get married soon. She is currently deployed and we want to go ahead and get married upon her return. Our problem is a lot of the locations in which family and friends would be able to make a halfway point or a vacation are not same sex marriage friendly. So the plan is to get married in a Legal state and then have a ceremony later, in Puerto Rico. Would we just need to have the officiant treat this as a vowel renewal or are the normal vowels okay? Since would be no need for legal documentation I assume any vowels are pretty much okay? Any assistance or other helpful info would be appreciated :)

Re: Married before Ceremony in Puerto Rico

  • You could marry at the reception venue and have a "symbolic" wedding to exchange your vows.  I think it would be important to those who love you and it could be short and sweet.  You could hire an Officiant and set up part of the room as a small altar and put down an aisle runner.  The ceremony could be about 20 minutes and you could say your own vows and the tradiitional vows.  Thereafter, have your party.  
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