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Where is everyone?

Why so quiet NEY?? What is everyone up to?

I am trying to plan and coordinate a cheerleading camp for my youth program. We have sign-ups tonight so I am getting everything together for that. Work is slow at times, then I get a bunch of stuff dumped on me, and then I finish it and it's slow again. It's nice, but can get annoying at times.

What are you up to? Is anyone out there?
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Re: Where is everyone?

  • I'm currently on the couch, watching Grey's Anatomy, waiting for laundry to finish.
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    I'm around. It's the end of the quarter so things are crazy at work right now. FI and I are supposed to leave on vacation tomorrow afternoon. We're spending the next week at his parent's house in Indiana. I'll probably end up working remotely all weekend through Monday night. Woohoo...

    I also just sent an email to my counterpart at the client to tell her that if she wants to add this thing to one of our contracts then she needs to escalate to my management or have her management escalate. Basically, this addition she wants has major legal and financial implications and my compnay 100% is against having anything like in the contract. I've already tried going back and forth with her with the whole "in the spirit of partnership" type of discussion but it's not going anywhere. I hate escalating because I feel like it hurts our relationship with each other but I really can't allow her to do what she wants to do in this case.

  • I'm around, @caseface5‌! I was supposed to be at clinical today, but my instructor's daughter just went into labor, so it's canceled for the day. I'm not complaining. :) I grabbed breakfast with my mom and then we went shopping! I got a dress, a skirt, two cardigans, and two pairs of shoes. I missed shopping.

    I can identify with work either being too much our not enough to keep you busy. I hope your day evens out soon! Remind me what you do? I'm so sorry, I feel like I haven't been keeping up with everyone here very well.
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  • I'm here!  Hungry and counting down the minutes until it would be reasonable to leave for lunch. :)

    I found my DREAM SHOES for the wedding and they are too narrow... Like I couldn't even get a foot in when they arrived.  I've been carefully working on stretching them and now I can put them on with thin socks, so it definitely improved.  It would be an unbelievable miracle if they could be stretched enough to fit, but I'm going to take them to a professional today.  It's probably a lost cause, but I cannot explain how many hours I have spent looking for shoes, and to me there is nothing that even holds a candle to these. (Is that an expression?!)  So I have to try. 

    That's the biggest priority on my mind right now, haha.


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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Hi! I'm around :)

    I've been trying to book the last couple hotels for the road trip H and I are taking in August. I still have to find one more for when we're in Lake Placid. Everything is either insanely expensive or not available. But yay for having the rest of it booked and planned out!

    I'm also waiting on H to give me the ok to book our flights for Miami in November. I'm anxious because I found very reasonable airfare and I'm itching to purchase it! 

    Can someone just pay me to travel?

    [Deleted User]CLoGreenEyes
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @carliealissa I would think if you can put on your shoes with thin socks they would definitely fit? Why do you need to stretch them more?? Are you wearing thick woolen socks to your wedding or something? Or just worried about extreme swelling?

  • Work just got really busy. It was super slow this morning and then I got a really stupid email from this coworker who seriously drives me up the wall. Idiots....

    After work I may have a friend come by for a bit to see the house and the puppy. I haven't heard from her all week so we will see if that still happens. On a good note, I'm going to Hobby Lobby again and shopping : )
  • @megso16 I am jealous! I wish I was doing that! 

    @LaPeanut1018 I hope things even out soon so you can fully enjoy your vacation! It sucks when people go against what they know they can do. We are having a similar problem. Hope it all get's worked out!

    @CLoGreenEyes I work in payroll for a school system. School is out for the summer, but we still have timesheets from the last few days and have to do all the increases and hiring for the next year. I thought it would slow down a lot but I was wrong. Oh well, keeps it interesting!

    @CarlieAlissa hope things work out with the shoes!

    @Swazzle will you pay for me to travel?? BF and I are going back and forth so much about our September vacation. This is the first year he actually gets paid vacation so he is wanted to just sit home and do nothing for a week and I am itching to go SOMEWHERE. Not even for the whole time, but at least a portion. Fingers crossed we can agree to something!
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  • carliealissacarliealissa member
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    Edit: @LaPeanut1018!

     I see how you are thinking that, but I mean I can cram my foot into them with thin socks-  was just trying to stretch them out.  They are still constricting and painful.  It's just one part of the shoe, the little ribbon part that goes around the widest part of your foot, that I have to squeeze past :)

    Man I am so obsessed with these shoes.


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  • @caseface5‌ I haven't slept much since like Friday, so I'm entirely run down right now haha
  • Ollie08Ollie08 Central FL member
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    @caseface5 I'm here. Just trying to get some work done before I shut down for 2 hours! I already talked to my mom/boss about watching the match, so we're going to work from the couch when it's on. :-)

    @swazzle - I'm jealous of your road trip! I'd love to see what you're planning to do when you get it all planned out. Sounds fun! Also, how long are you in Miami for?

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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @carliealissa I see what you are saying now! Those shoes would be a blister disaster for me! My feet are hurting just looking at them. Good luck!

  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I'm here - was wondering the same thing.  I'm just not in the mood to work.  I haven't been sleeping well and I just want to go home and relax <<whine whine whine>>.

    I've been looking at wedding stuff - bridesmaid dresses mostly.  3 months 2 weeks away and I have no bridesmaid dress picked out!!  I'm also waiting for this afternoon because I want to call on my dress so I can see if they have any better idea when it might arrive (I had the 'they forgot to order my wedding dress' nightmare a few nights ago).  Then I was thinking about getting a rental car because I have no idea how to do transportation the day of my wedding.  We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside and our wedding is at the Boardwalk.  So I know the limo will take us to the ceremony site around 2:00pm; after all the ceremony stuff is over and pictures, we can walk to dinner.  I want the leftover wedding cake - so I don't know how to get that back to my room or somewhere safe until after the night's adventures are over... and then after the Illuminations Fireworks, I have to figure out how to get my guests back to where ever they are going (and why can't people just book so I have a better idea of my transportation needs?!).

    So yeah - I'm probably stressed over nothing!

  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    Work is crazy busy today and I have several meetings unfortunately.

    @lapeanut1018 you'll be in my neck of the woods next week!
  • @LaPeanut1018 - you are obviously so mean, to escalate that issue instead of just taking care of it for her.  ;)

    @CLoGreenEyes - where did you buy your clothes?  LOFT has a 50% off sale today, and I am just DYING to shop, but no funds are available right now.  :(

    I am drinking an iced latte right now.  I am very sleepy, kind of just waiting for lunch/the game. I don't even like soccer, but a diversion would be great.  not much to say here!
    carliealissaLizzyTish88[Deleted User]
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @CocoBellaF I saw that same sale!! I'm way or another...I'm going to the Loft!! Also, yes, I am a HUGE meanie. She hasn't responded to my escalation I'm curious to see what happens.

    @severmilli12 Yep! We'll be travelling through Indianapolis first to visit with some old friends (and give the puppy an extended potty break) before going to South Bend to visit FI's family. Also hoping to swing in to Chicago for part of one day to see my college BFF and have dinner with her and go to the Field Museum.

    LizzyTish88ShallowSeas[Deleted User]
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    I'm around-ish. Running my reactor today. FI and I are looking at a venue tonight, we looked at one last night, and I could swear that I heard one drop of water dripping in the basement this morning ... hope I was wrong!
  • @LaPeanut1018 - UGH I WANT TO GO TO LOFT.  seriously, you and @southernpeach89 need to move here so we can all be besties and you can use my maybe-HL discount.  see, don't you want to be my bestie now???

    @TwoDimes - YAY!!!!!  that is all so much good news, I can't even handle it all.  congrats!!!
    [Deleted User]
  • @Twodimes -YAYAYAY to all the good news!! Although I'm sad you won't be moving to the's exciting that all these awesome things are happening for you and your FI!
    [Deleted User]
  • okay, everyone shopping at the LOFT 50% off sale, don't rub it in!  just please AW what you're buying so I can live vicariously through you all.  :)
  • Blackbird230Blackbird230 Connecticut member
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    Here! Working like crazy today. Lots of peoples got arrested last night.

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  • @CocoBellaF‌, I went to Target, TJMaxx, and Rack Room Shoes. Not the highest end stuff, but still cute. :) I feel ya, shopping is not friendly to the wallet.

    @Dignity100‌, what are you thinking for bridesmaids dresses? Something very specific, more color and a length type of thing? I'm no help with transportation, but I would loooooove to look at some pretty dresses. :)

    @LaPeanut1018‌, I hope you get to enjoy your vacation and not work the whole time! Any specific plans in IN or just relaxing?

    I love today. I actually don't even have too much to review for class at the moment, so I can just clean my house, watch a little TV, maybe even pluck my eyebrows so I don't look like a wild animal anymore...Life is good, lol.
    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • BreMRBreMR member
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    @Twodimes I LOVE Australian Shepherds!!  Congrats on not moving :)

    @carliealissa good luck with the shoe stretching, I be a professional can do great work, my friend has bunion issues (which works out great for me because I get all of the shoes that hurt her) but she has had a few pairs stretched out and it works great for her!

    I'm here right now but not for long, I have so much housework to do before my daughter and I leave for Texas tonight!  I was such a bum last night watching episode after episode of Pretty Little Liars (I'm officially hooked now) and decided at 11:30 at night to scrub my bathroom, so that's one less thing I have to do today!!

    carliealissa[Deleted User]
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @TwoDimes I'm SO SAD you aren't moving to Atlanta, but I'm happy for you and your FI and all the new job stuff and a new puppy (eventually!!!)!

    [Deleted User]
  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    I'm around! Just trying to tie up all the loose ends at work before I leave tomorrow for the conference. Our fiscal year ends June 30, and I won't be back in the office until July 2, so it's crazy busy around here. 

    I'm absolutely exhausted. Brought some work home last night and did that until around 8, and then I was up until around 1 doing laundry. 

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  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    I'm here but trying to get a ton of stuff done today so I can leave early tomorrow...which is difficult when I have NO motivation.

    I'm going to look at my grandma's wedding dress tonight, and am feeling really anxious about it. I've loved her dress for so long and I REALLY want to wear it for my wedding, but I'm so worried it won't fit (or fit well enough to alter) or that it will be horribly discoloured or or or or or UGH.

    @CLoGreenEyes - Yay for shopping! I bought 3 dresses last week at a sale at Old Navy...whoops!

    I want to go to the sale at Loft but perhaps I should pay my rent for next month instead...decisions decisions.

    @LaPeanut1018 - I have an opposite problem...people don't like the answers I give them and want to talk to someone else and I have to tell them that they're stuck with me. Which they obviously LOVE to hear.

    @TwoDimes - YAY for ALL the great news things!!!



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    [Deleted User]
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @caseface5 - I would be so bored sitting at home all week! Try to talk him into doing a long weekend away somewhere or a few days in the middle of the week (it would be cheaper!) instead!

    @Ollie08 - We're coming down for the Dolphins/Bills game which is 11/13. I *think* we're coming from Wednesday, 11/12 until Saturday, 11/15.

    @Dignity100 - Are you having your BMs wear the same dress? Where are you going to shop from?

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @lmcooper86 - Fingers crossed the dress works out! I would love to see pics if/when you have them!

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @CLoGreenEyes We have some things planned. I'm going shopping with my FMIL, one of my BMs (FI's sister) and the FG (FI's neice) for MOG dresses and FG dresses and maybe a pair of slacks, white shirt, and tie for the RB if he doesn't already have something. We're building a cornhole set for FI's parents as their 30th anniversary gift. They like to play games so we'll probably pay a lot of board games while we are there and spend some time with FI's family friends since I haven't met any of them and a bunch are going to be invited to the wedding. They are about 30 minutes from Lake Michigan so we'll get in some "beach" time too.

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