Wedding Woes


I'm on a teleconference and my showing just showed up almost 45 min early.   

They were a cute couple and seemed very nice.  I made the kiddo sit in the office with me while they looked at the house.  

The agent is in the same office with my mom.  He thought she was my sister.  My mom should be flattered...or I should be insulted...ha.  

The perils of selling a house while you work from home.  

Re: Awkward

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    Heh.  Yeah, you sound like you handled it well. 
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    My mom tried to sell a condo and the person refused to leave.  Every showing they would go in their bed, lay down, and cover themselves under a dozen blankets.  We saw a house where the guy refused to leave.

    It's awkward, but this isn't your fault.

  • That's hysterical mental image, 6.  
  • Oh, and I actually talked to the couple.  Pointed out the good things (upgrades) in the house and also told them a bit about the neighborhood. 
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    *running in circles*
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    I just feel bad that crazy pants next door will become their problem.  They seem like such a lovely couple.   Oh least the 'shows' are free at the crazy theater.  ;) 
  • Do you need a paper bag yet?
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  • I've made it so far without one.  Wine helps.  ;) 
  • Also, can I just say that I'm excited that my house is going to go to a nice couple.  I mean I know it's *just* a house, but buying this house was the most 'adult' thing I ever did in my life and it's been such a good house to us.  I married DH here, we made a family, I brought my baby home to this house.  I hope another family will make happy memories here too.  

    ...And I'm misty.  I'll see myself out now.  ;) 
  • MNNEBrideMNNEBride Midwest member
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    It's not "just" a house.  It was/is your HOME.  It's ok to be misty.
  • We'll just call you TexasFiona.  ;)
  • I did the same thing.  I was so over this house and ready to move on, and then when DD was asking questions about the buyers, I said "...and I think they'll take very good care of it." Like it was a pet.  I unexpectedly got a little misty, for the same reasons you did mrs.conn.  We got married from that house, brought our kids home from the hospital to that house--every Christmas morning and birthday of DD's life has been in that house.

    Then that leak occurred, and now I'd level it if I could, out of pure spite. ;)
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