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Waffling on MUA or DIY

I've been going back and forth about getting a make up artist to do my make-up or just to do it myself on my wedding day. I've found a local hair/make up artist I like online but 1) EXPENSIVE! (at least, to me $300 is) and 2) she requires a minimum of 4 people to have their hair and make up done and I don't want to pressure my BMs and M/FMIL, especially when it would be $100 each. I haven't been in for a preview yet, mostly because it's $100 just for the preview! However, they have great reviews, and I really like the make-up they use and their portfolio.

FI likes how I do my make-up; I did it for our engagement shoot and I think it turned out pretty well. I would need to invest in some other items (waterproof mascara, setting spray, etc), but it would be much less than what the MUA would cost. I guess I'm just worried it won't turn out well/last the whole day.

Regardless, I'm probably going to have someone do my hair (cause that I have no skill with), but I thought was worth venting/asking for advice on here since I keep waffling. Is there anything I'm missing? Anything I can do to get a better price/not need the minimum? or any advice for DIY?

Re: Waffling on MUA or DIY

  • I did my own makeup because I like how I do it and I've never liked it when a professional does it (too much contouring). My favorite new items were the setting spray and mattifying powder (I got married outside in August). The setting spray really makes it stick.
  • I'm going back and forth with the same thing! The MUAs I can afford haven't been too great, but I cant fathom spending hundreds of dollars on just my makeup either!
  • I have decided to do my makeup myself.  I balked at the price of artists in my area and it was one more thing to coordinate so I chose to skip it.  I am pretty decent at my make up application and enjoy doing it so I thought "Hey, why not?"  lol
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  • I had my makeup done by a MUA.  I wanted to look the best version of myself and I didn't want to have to worry about it on the day of.  Keep in mind that if you do it yourself, you'll want to practice and may need to apply heavier so it photographs better and you're not washed out.

    If you want to get it professionally done, can you save money by traveling to her?  Maybe you could avoid the minimum faces she wants to do that way?  Is there anyone else in the area?

    Oh, and if you do go with a professional, I cannot stress a trial enough.  I know it's expensive, but what happens if you don't like it?  That's what happened to me.  I would've been so upset if I had waited to my wedding day.  The bad trial gave me time to find someone else and try again (yes, more money!).  It's probably one of your most photographed want to look and feel good!  Good luck!
  • I decided to do my makeup myself. My friends in high school actually thought I'd end up being a professional makeup artist cuz it was kind of a hobby of mine, and I know what I want. Also, I used to model in college and they always had a pro makeup artist for me. I had a few different MUAs over the years and I NEVER liked the way it turned out. They either used products that made my skin super oily or went too light or too heavy on the eyeliner, etc etc. I know my face. I'm pretty good at makeup. So I'm cutting out the middle man :P There are TONS of tutorials, advice, blogs, etc online to provide you with all the insider tips and confidence you need if you choose to do it yourself. Plus advice on the best products to use.
  • I never wear makeup so I'm having a MUA do it. We're not local to her so I'm not having a trial, and you bet that makes me nervous! I left enough time afterwards though that if it's really awful my daughter and I can redo it, but I hope we don't have to!
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  • I am unsure about this as well. I have never had my mu professionally done, so I feel as though I will just get anxiety about it!
  • I'm horrible at both makeup and hair so I'm going right to a salon. The one we found is really reasonably priced - I'm getting my hair, makeup, and nails done for under $150. It's a really nice spa/salon too, and I might be splurging and adding in a massage. I'd suggest looking at salons in your area, see if they can beat the price of the makeup artist you found
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