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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Vendor Review - Brann's Catering

I am using Brann's for my wedding in 1 month and I have already had quite the experience with them, I just wanted to share! I know they are used frequently in GR!

Brann's has a great number of options to choose from for your event. I am having breakfast catered in, I know someone who recently had hamburgers/hot dogs/brats catered in by them and I know they have many traditional options as well. If you want a certain variety of food, they likely cater it! The pricing is also fairly decent, averaging around $10 a person. Brann's also offers 3 levels of service with different benefits at each level. They are very easy to book, and don't require a deposit until two weeks after your booking. Brann's also offers free tastings, quarterly.

There are free tastings as aforementioned, but they are only quarterly which is a bit of an inconvenience if you need to book your catering and you can't sample the food until a few months later. You should also call ahead to make sure they are serving the food you are having served at your event at the tasting before you go. I went to a tasting and they did not serve what I am having served at my wedding. I was able to see how they present things, but it was really disappointing - shouldn't you be able to taste what you are paying for before your big day? Brann's offers 3 different levels of service, but they are not very flexible in how they offer the services. I am having my own china, but need to rent silverware/linens which should be covered under their 'Premium' level of service (an extra $2 a person for real flatware, and as many linens as you need). When I tried to make these changes, they were not only unwilling to accommodate, but they were very rude to me. You MUST use their napkins/silverware/etc unless you want to pay $4 extra to for them to accommodate your unique touches, or simply have the 'Standard' level of service. They also only offer real flatware and china at the most expensive package, using flimsy white plastic plates and plasticware for most of their packages. If you would like the plastic silverware that looks liker real flatware, it is an additional $300. 

The food is fairly good, their buffet presentation is nice, and they have lots of options. They, however, are not very flexible, and do not make it easy for you as the bride to feel comfort in knowing what you are paying for. They are also very willing (as many are) to tack one extra costs for little things. 

I would not rule Brann's out, because they do serve good food, but I be sure to make your wishes very clear while booking, and be prepared to pay a little extra if you'd like a unique experience. 

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