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My fiance and i are in LOVE with The Iron Horse hotel in Milwaukee, but we're worried its out of our reach finacially. Does anyone know of any other boutique-like hotels/venues in SW Wisconsin? Also, has anyone actually had their wedding and/or reception at The Iron Horse? What did you think of it?? 

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    My fiance and I took a tour of the Iron Horse, and we were underwhelmed.  The hotel lobby, restaurant, and patio are amazing, but the event space was in the basement, dark, and had zero character.  It was very expensive, in my opinion, and our resounding impression after meeting the event coordinator was the he didn't actually listen to anything we were saying.  
    But this is just one person's experience; never hurts to check it out.
  • We did! We were supposed to be at the Yard but it was too cold so we made the last minute decision to move inside. They even set up the basement like how the patio was supposed to be -- food stations, bistro tables, and couches. The basement space is ANYTHING but zero character!! It was nothing short of my dream wedding and the guests raved about it. The food was amazing, so was service. Our event coordinator was awesome; we were very laid back and non-demanding people though, so perhaps your experience was different. He actually comped us several items; things we didn't even ask for. We ended the reception at 11 and those of us who wanted to keep going just headed upstairs to the bar. I believe the min was $9000. And you get a free room for the night ;)
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  • check out the crowne plaza by the airport. It is very cute inside and cost is reasonable bc its near airport

    on 13th and college in milwaukee right off the interstate. 
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