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YAY!!!!!! (disclaimer: still NEY)

I didn't know where else to put this, but I am so freaking happy today. I know I have mentioned it a few times on here, but BF has had a nightmare dealing with his car and the insurance company after an accident almost 2 years ago. 

Backstory: BF was showing off his new car to his friend, and the friend egged him on a bit to push the car. BF lost control on a corner, and went off the road, narrowly missing a tree. There was a guardrail on the corner (metal one that started from underground and went up at a slope), and BF ended up going up on the guardrail and skidding the car the same way you could with skateboard. All 4 wheels were off the ground. The car finally came to a rest with the back tires stuck on the guardrail, but the front of the car on the ground (went sideways on the guardrail before coming to a stop). Neither BF or the friend were injured, but the car was leaking fluids badly. This happened near where BF and I went to college, and our college was located in a small town with pretty much only a Walmart to shop at. So, there was only a no-name family owned collision repair shop in town. This car is an Audi, and the closest certified Audi repair shop was a good 2-3 hour drive from there. BF filed an insurance claim, and the insurance company decided to have the work done at the no name collision center instead of towing it to the certified Audi repair shop (the car was not drive-able). The claims adjuster only estimated damage for the body of the car, despite my BF telling her exactly what happened (skidded along guardrail, fluids leaking, damage underneath). The car was purchased for $26k, and the claims adjuster only estimated $15k of body damage, so they did not total the car. The collision shop goes ahead with the repairs, and sure enough finds damage underneath the car. The total amount of repairs after it is all said and done is $24k. The insurance pays it (minus BF's $500 deductible), and BF gets his car back. 

Well, since the collision shop was not certified to work on Audi's, they put the car together wrong. In the two years since the accident, BF has only had the car in his possession and what we believed was working order for 5 months. It kept breaking down, since things were not put together correctly. And when I say breaking down, I mean things such as missing bolts holding the tire to the axle (there's a part that connects the two that wasn't put on correctly), transmission damage, frame damage, etc. The insurance company has dragged their feet paying for these repairs that were their fault, and finally have now paid $35k to fix this car (even though they can't find the issue with the transmission). The car then broke down again in March, and it turns out it has about $7k worth of frame damage still. BF's lawyer has been fighting with the insurance company to total the car since last October, before this frame damage incident. 

Well, today BF got an email from his lawyer, who forwarded him an email from the insurance company. The insurance company is FINALLY totaling the car, and giving BF more then what he paid for the car initially, due to insurance that BF has been paying on the car while not able to drive it for 1.5 years. BF and I both just screamed out in excitement, and he is in such a good mood to finally have this weight lifted off of him. So, now we get to go car shopping! 

This is how we both feel today: 



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Re: YAY!!!!!! (disclaimer: still NEY)

  • Congratulations!!! I'm so glad to hear that this is working out for y'all! Now you get to buy a car!!!! 
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    I'm glad this is working out for you!
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    I just couldn't hold my excitement in because it has been hanging over his head for the past two years, and it has been a little stressful with only having my car, especially when mine also had to go into the shop a few weeks ago. Most of our arguments in the past year and a half have stemmed from this car issue, as we only had my car, and that became problematic in making me late to work sometimes, or having to agree on what errands to run that day because we couldn't take separate cars to get everything done. Basically, this whole car situation will not only be better for him, but also for our relationship, as now we don't have to feel guilty if one of us wants to go hang out with friends without the other, leaving the other one stranded, and there won't be anymore arguing over this particular situation. 

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