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Arlington Woman's Club

I wanted to let you all know about the Arlington Woman's Club. My sister just had her wedding there in May and it was absolutely beautiful. The AWC only just started renting their space out for weddings so I don't think many people know about it yet. It's huge and really really nice. The ladies in charge are so sweet and so willing to help with anything. They are so laid back and simply just wonderful.

It's a venue that let's you bring in your own catering, alcohol and decor. However, they do have a million different colored tablecloths and various table decor that you can use if you want to. The space itself is carpeted and they have round tables and chairs for you. We brought in a dance floor and the AWC even let us leave it there until Monday so we wouldn't have to pay those extra after hours fees dance floor companies like to charge. There's a bar area equipped with ice and a fridge and plenty of room for your bartender to move around. The foyer is beautiful and that's where my sister had her cake displayed because it was underneath a chandelier. They also have a lot of nice looking wooden tables for use. There's a room in the back for storage, there's a cute little side parlor for guests who want to sit somewhere a little quieter for a while, and they a have an awesome easel if you have a picture to display. Also, the bathrooms are really nice.

The AWC is located right by UTA. It was really really inexpensive too. Definitely the cheapest I have found in Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield area. My sister's wedding was absolutely perfect and I could go on and on about it. So for anyone still looking for a beautiful space that doesn't cost a fortune, I would definitely recommend it.

Re: Arlington Woman's Club

  • We have a Woman's Club?? I have never knew of this. I am quite interested it in. I'm in Arlington and looking for a location right now. What do you mean "brought in a dance floor"? As in, you brought hardwood tiles inside??
  • Yeah! It's right by UTA. My sister rented a dance floor from Big D. I think they rent out all kinds of equipment. But yes it was basically hardwood tiles that fit together nicely.
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