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Plastic or rented china

I was debating on getting some very nice plastic stuff from pros: no big deal if someone breaks them, they can be thrown away, and theyre cheap cons: I'm affraid it will look way too cheap especially since my wedding is semi formal. the pros on renting: theyre real, we dont have to worry about washing them or getting rid of them. cons: if someone breaks them we have to pay and we'd have to put down a deposit that we wont get back for 2 to 4 weeks.


What are your thoughts?

Re: Plastic or rented china

  • {{waves at Tiff}} gmernting!   so I love the idea of not cleaning up.  I super love the idea of not being able to break a plastic plate.  Now and howsunever.  Semi-formal and plastic go together like ballgowns and doobies.   the South African judge votes:   n'uh. uh. 
  • that's what I was thinking too... BUT we are 4000 over budget. my FI work has been slow. so I'm doing just about everything myself. on top of the wedding my engine just blew so that means a new car plus we have to find a new apt. so you see why Im contemplating plastic. lo

  • {{nodding}} girl I see it's gonna be a challenge because when it rains it pours.  Jesus please be an umbrella.  In the meantime what I would do is scale back the rest of the event to match the service.  I'm not tambout go from carnegie hall to a back yard bbq, but if you're overbudget in the 4 digit range, ya'll knew it before getting to the place settings - can you let go of some of the other froo froo or is too far gone?
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    I agree with the the above, cut somewhere else, the plastic clashes with semi-formal
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  • I actually found a place that rents dinnerware and its cheaper then buying plastic! So Im sooooo excited about that.... as far as being over budget I've scaled back as much as I can but if I scaled back anymore I'd be taking away things I feel are important. On the plus side in the past few weeks since I've last posted. We found out our pastor will not be charging us and that his suit rental will be free! Thats 300 staying in our pockets right there. Im just trying to stay positive everything will come together.
  • I'm glad you found a good deal! Everything will come together. Keep finding the positive stuff to think about!
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  • He definitely will @m1ssj
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