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Videoccasions anybody??

So I got married this past may on the 16th. I was told by my videographer who is also in charge of my photos that I would have everything within the next 30 days. It is only 12 days past June 16th and I have nothing. I have tried multiple times contacting the company my phone and email and I have no received any answer until June 19 when I was told I would have my photos by this past wednesday. I have no received anything and can not get a hold of the company. I had talked to a few other brides who have gotten married within the past year and had this same company video graph their wedding and it tools months and months to get just the raw footage and when the edited came it was awful. I am about to lose my shit on this company. I need some recommendations on how to get my raw footage of the full 9 hours I paid for and getting my photos. I will going down there next week but it is an hour drive each way so I really can not be going all the time to make sure my stuff is being handle. Has anybody else has a problem with this company. 

Re: Videoccasions anybody??

  • What does your contract say? If a timeline for delivery wasn't specified in writing, you're SOL.
  • I recommend reading your contract and if they are in violation contacting an attorney. 30 days is a super fast turn around for video...check your contract and see if it says 30 days or if the videographer spoke out of turn.
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  • it is stated on the contract within 30 days i would receive my stuff.. 
  • I would keep politely contacting them. The tough thing is if you sue you just get your money back. If you want the footage continue to place nice until that does not work and you opt to seek legal assistance. 

    Have you paid them in full? I signed with my videographer for a number of reasons, but one being final payment was not due until the draft DVD was ready for viewing.
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  • Hi,

    I actually was married May 16, 2014 also, and I used Videoccasions for videography. We received the raw footage within 2 weeks of the wedding. However, our videographer left an hour before he was suppose to on our contract. We spoke with Matt and he said he would look into it. That was the beginning of June. We have not been able to get ahold of them since. If you are able to get ahold of them please let me know. I too will be trying to visit their office to see if someone is in. If not, I will start with sending the company a certified letter, stating my issues and concerns, and explaining if it is not resolved legal action will be taken.

    Good Luck!

  • they are out of business.  we created a facebook group to keep each other updated.

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