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Cheaper European Honeymoon in May?

Any ideas? We don't really like hot, tropical areas but we love history, adventure, and good food. My fiancee and I wanted to go somewhere that is less expensive but also high quality, maybe a place no one really thinks to honeymoon at. 

Our first choice was Italy (Although I hate Italian food so go figure.) Our second choice as a couple was Portugal. My favorite choices were, Ireland and New Zealand but both proved to be way too much. 

Anyone have any ideas. 

Re: Cheaper European Honeymoon in May?

  • How much of a budget do you have? Ireland is usually one of the most affordable European destinations, along with Spain/Portugal. Maybe Turkey could potentially be an option? 

    Also, FWIW, Italian food as we know it isn't what you'll find in most of Italy. We went to Northern Italy and the food was lighter, with more olive oils, pestos, seafood, and risottos. Italy is a bit expensive, though, so you may want to save that for an anniversary. 


  • One of my favorite trips was Southern Spain.  We stayed right across from the beach, all kinds of restaurants and shops within walking distance and plenty of sights to see.  We did day trips to the Alhambra, Seville, Gibraltar and Morocco.
  • Spain and Portugal are usually more budget-friendly, and I found Germany to be more affordable than a lot of other places we went. Prague wasn't too bad either, especially because the food is only just OK, so it helps keep the spending down!
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    What is your budget?  Cruises can be very budget friendly, and show you the widest variety of historical sites with food, lodging and transportation (not including air) included in the price.  We enjoyed a Greek islands cruise that was so memorable!  May or October are both shoulder season months.

    (You need to sign in to this site, but they won't bother you or call you.)




    http://www.vacationstogo.com/fastdeal.cfm?deal=22997  (If you have two weeks, this is a terrific bargain!)


    These cruises cater to Americans/Canadians.  I have been on 17 cruises, and we are addicted.  Have you talked to a travel agent?  They services are free to you, since they are paid by the cruiseline/resort.  I have an on-line agent that I have used for five years.  I will be happy to share his contact info. with anybody who PMs me.

  • Portugal does sound good and we were considering taking a train ride to Spain. My family is Czech and his is Norwegian so we had to take 'homelands' off the table pretty early because both of us really wanted to go to our perspective culture centers. 

    Does anyone know some good websites that may help keep cost down. We really want to go overseas but we have a very thin budget. 

  • See my last post.  All travel websites, including Expedia, Travelocity, VacationstoGo, are travel agencies!  They can help you, but you should use one that gives you personal advice and service.
  • Wow, I don't know how I missed that post. Thank you so much. 
  • My apologies!  Something went crazy with my cut and paste technique. Try some of those cruise links again.  I tried to fix them, but my computer isn't being co-operative tonight.

    About cruises ;  You need to fly in the night before you sail and stay in a hotel near the port.  Drinks, tips, and shore excursions are not included, so you need to budget for that.  Tips are about $22 per day for the two of you.  They charge it to your credit card just before you leave.  Shore excursions will be your biggest expense, but they are so worth it.
    Talk to a travel agent!
  • I've done Turkey, Greece, and Romania in May.  Flights to Turkey were relatively cheap (under $1400 total round trip for both of us, but that was 2012).  Flights between Turkey and Romania were cheap, and we were able to fly Istanbul to Izmir, bus to Ephasus, and ferry to Greece for relatively cheap.  We stay in basically all hostels and guest houses (we always get a private room and bathroom, so its not the hostels of your early 20s that you might be thinking of).  Some of the guest houses we've stayed in have been absolutely beautiful (my favorite was in Brasov - Casa Despani, and another really nice one in Bled, Slovenia).  Get creative and be flexible, and be willing to go with the flow, and you can definitely do something exciting and affordable.
  • Also, check out flights via IcelandAir.  They've just opened a lot of new North American destinations, and also fly to Europe, so you might find a cheaper flight that way.  Ours was $700 cheaper than with Air Canada, and we got to stop in Iceland as a bonus.  The island itself it pretty pricey though.

  • Check Kayak for airfare. Airbnb is great for cheap lodging. Plus, if you rent an apartment, you can cook some meals there to save money.
  • I will check Kayak. Yeah our budget is really no higher then 3000 (maybe a little more) That's about as much as we can really rely on getting, the rest is going toward our wedding. 
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    There are a few closer destinations that give you the feel of a European city without the high airfare.  I don't think you will manage Europe for that budget.  It is expensive there!

    Montreal and Quebec City, Canada

    Puerto Rico

    or just for fun - Las Vegas at one of the European themed hotels.
  • Ditto AirBnb. We booked a small studio in Florence for under 1k for 10 days.
  • Anywhere in the Euro zone is going to be comparable cost wise so Ireland, Portugal, Italy are all going to be similar prices once you get there. I would suggest looking at Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Montenegro as they aren't on the Euro so you can get rather good travel deals. They also have beautiful hikes, castles, lakes and other really great points of interest. 
  • $3k will get you there, but you will need more $ for food, day trips, transportation, etc. Flight to Lisbon from Boston runs ~$700-1000 if you keep your eye on it via Kayak or Yapta. You can find a nice 1 bedroom apartment on airbnb or homeaway very inexpensively too. Just have to be smart with your money on this one.
  • I second @CMGragain's recommendation of Montreal. We wanted to go to Europe but didn't want to spend a lot on our honeymoon after putting together the wedding, so we chose Montreal (it's within driving distance). It really does feel very European, and it's affordable.
  • I lived in Italy for a year and taught at an international school(in Rome).  While I lived there, a few of my friends and family came to visit.  They were all able to find apartments that rent on a weekly basis for WAY cheaper than a hotel would be.  It was a perfect solution, they were able to cook in the apt., it was more spacious than a hotel would be, and significantly less expensive.  I would recommend looking into an apartment.
  • I might do an apartment, just because any money we save can be put towards other fun things. We might do a hotel the first night but after that. I love cooking and it would be so fun to go down to the farmers market and cook the fresh veggies I buy. 
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