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Blue and Green for wedding colors?

Is it possible? These are my fiancee and my favorite colors and we like the idea of both being in our wedding. Specifically, I like when you look across the horizon and  the sky is bright blue while the fields are the beautiful green color but I know it looks kind of unnatural or off when they are thrown together. 

Anyone have any ideas for a Blue and Green that work well together? 

Re: Blue and Green for wedding colors?

  • There are a bazillion ideas that pop up when you google blue and green wedding. 


  • With any colors, the key in putting them together is a contrast in tone or intensity or both. For example, a light sky blue and a deep forest green. Or bright blue with a lighter green. I personally don't think blue and green look 'off' together anyway.
  • It doesn't look unnatural or off at all. Like PDKH said, all you have to do is Google and see a bunch of ways those colors have been used. 
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    Some pictures:
    imageimageimagelight blue light green inspiration photo 3112359-1
  • Thank you guys for all the examples.  My sister called dibs on Peacock Blue a long time ago so I'll have to come up with a different shade but all of these look really good. I'm not a big pastel fan but the last one posted is really pretty. 

    I want lots of greenery at my wedding with accents of blue and cream, but do you think it would look okay to have the groomsmen and bridesmaids wearing blue but my fiancee wearing a green vest (he really has his heart set on it) while the flower girls wear blue and green? 

    My mom also suggested a patterned blue and green vest for the groomsmen but I haven't seen any I liked. 
  • I think that all sounds good. Howeverm your sister can't call dibs on a color. If you want peacock blue, go for it.
  • I love mismatching but coordinated. 
  • Oo, I never thought of that before, but you are right. That is pretty cool. We were going to do mismatched dresses but with matching fabric, lengths and color but maybe we can change the shade. 
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