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This woman is an idiot.

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"I put my marriage to the (genetic) test" Clicky

Basically - "My husband and I took a genetic compatibility test. Despite being married for 5 years and having 2 children, I was worried that my life would fall apart if this test didn't show that we were compatible. Lucky for us, we are 98% compatible and that is extremely rare and happens in less than 10% of the population!!!!!!! My life is not a lie."

Ok, I have NOT read any literature on this. I have no idea how genetic compatibility works or if it even does work. But you are seriously going to let "science" affect your happy FIVE YEAR marriage, which produced 2 children?!?!?! WTF. 

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Re: This woman is an idiot.

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    What the flying Fig Newton?

    Ok, I get the pre marital testing to know what diseases you may pass on. Which I know next to nothing about, other than a friend did that and it turned out fine.

    But if we will like each other in 10 years? Really? Honestly, it creeps me out, it feels way too close to eugenics to me.
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    NymeruNymeru member
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    Yeah, why even bother with the test?  It's a little late now, unless you're looking for a scientific reason to get out of a marriage...
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    I wonder what her reaction would have been if they were only mildly compatible or not compatible?

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    This was probably dreamed up by the same people who believe in Enzyte, the natural herbal penis enlargement pills.
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    I wish they had mentioned what they were looking at for genetic compatibility. I went to an immunology seminar awhile ago that talked about a potential role of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) maybe having a role in mate selection. The MHC is a genetic part of your immune system that recognizes infections and starts the immune response. The more diverse your MHC the more likely you are to be able to fight a wide variety of infections. If you and your partner have very different MHC your offspring have a better chance of survival. At the time there was some evidence that MHC some how was able to affect attraction to the opposite sex - men that had MHC that were very different from their own smelled better to the women in the study than men who had similar MHC. I don't know if there was any follow up,study to this one.

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    @goldchocobo‌ my thoughts exactly!!!!!!
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    The 0 = avoid relationship is why it reads eugenics leaning. Or at least limiting interracial couples. The more I think about, the more inappropriate it seems. But, I am coming from the side of being a bone marrow donor, and leaning that race does play a role on compatibility for some (many?) people. So, I may be pulling in incorrect sides.

    But, it just seems wrong.
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    @PrincessOfHavoc, you're not pulling in wrong sides.  Just a different side.

    See, I was looking at her pure perception/psychology of the test, and you were looking at the test itself.  Either way, this whole scenario is off-putting and potentially damaging.
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