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Guest List Manager So Frustrating

I imported my guest list multiple times thinking that the guest list manager would just update, but instead it duplicated every entry.  Now I'm trying to delete everyone and just start over from scratch but the delete function is not operating.  Once it pops up it's warning "Are you sure you want to continue" both the yes and no options aren't even clickable!  Anyone know how to fix this?  

Also - Does anyone know why it only imports the first and last name of the first guest?  For married couples I entered in First name of guest 1, last name of guest 1, and first name of guest 2.  Since they have the same last name it seemed redundant to put in the last name, but when it imported only the first guest imported unless guest 2 had a last name listed.

Re: Guest List Manager So Frustrating

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    I highly suggest not using any of TK's tools. They are notoriously glitchy and some brides have lost all of their information. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble.
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    Yea, I had this same problem and I'm not finding it that smooth and efficient way to organize my list.
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