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  •      Count me as a big kid because I love Legos. Fi and I play with them all the time. Personally, if I found them at a wedding I'd much rather do that than dance. I realize I'm in the minority in most crowds.

       Just my opinion though. we are having a very small wedding so no Legos to play with. However, we are considering using the big Cinderella Lego castle as our centerpiece, or some of the smaller Disney lego sets. (we are getting married at Disneyland)
  • @Fairyjen1 I'm glad someone understands the need to play with Legos as an adult!  I love the Cinderella Lego Castle idea! It sounds awesome.  Sometimes its really hard to figure out what things me and FI can put in our wedding that represents our interests.  We don't want to go oer the top with any theme, our theme is we're gettingmarried.   But we like a lot of things that others will never understand , like Legos, and Doctor Who and Star Wars and many other "geeky" things.  Its hard to figure out what we can add to give those small subtle nods to our likes and interests.


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